What can AirTouch do for you this winter?

…this made the difference between comfort and frustration.

The colder months are here in Australia. What can a smart air conditioning controller like AirTouch offer you during winter? AirTouch controls reverse cycle ducted systems so during the colder months it is able to manage your home’s heating just like it does the cooling during the warmer summer months by controlling your unit, zoning and more.

Warm up without having to move

Keep everyone warm, without having to move an inch. Holding a baby that is almost asleep and you don’t want to disturb them? The AirTouch app can help with that as you can now turn on the heating for where you are in your home without having to get up and use a controller on the wall. Even if you are snug in bed later at night, you can control the system with the app. It is a great benefit to experience for when you don’t want to get up and walk through a cold house to get to the controller.

As one user recently commented:

I can grab my phone from the side table and be comfortable…this made the difference between comfort and frustration. Lou in SA

AirTouch 2 Plus and 4 apps in heat mode

If you want to keep an eye on the temperatures in the kids’ rooms at night to make sure they are not cold, AirTouch 4’s ITC sensors can help and show you the temperature of the zone they are in either on the console or app as well.

Have you left it on?

Have you left the heating on when no one is home? Again your phone with the app installed comes in handy as you can check in with the system remotely and turn it off from anywhere and not waste energy.

Or want to make sure the pets don’t get cold?

If you want you can send the pets a little warmth to let them know you love them if they are home alone on a cold day so you don’t have to worry about their comfort.

But come home to a comfortable house

AirTouch’s Quick Timer makes setting the home air conditioning timer easy to countdown to a time to turn on and start heating up the house for you, or again you could just use the app before you set off home. It is a great feeling to come in from the cold on a winters day into a warm house. AirTouch can help.

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Now we are into the winter months in Australia, let’s check out how smart climate control can keep you cosy. With a climate as diverse as Australia’s, it is good to know that AirTouch is just as clever in winter as it is in summer.