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Your home’s comfort is our first priority.

ZoneMaster puts you in control of the airflow from a ducted air conditioning unit to all areas of your home or office. Trusted by hundreds of thousands of families around Australia, ZoneMaster has a reputation for reliability and ease of use.

ZoneMaster is a ducted reverse cycle air conditioning zoning solution. With a series of dampers connected to your air ducts, ZoneMaster can turn air on or off in different rooms or AC zones in your house, or let you set different volumes of air for each of them.

ZoneTouch 3

16 Zones
Touch Screen
Turbo Zone

One Touch to Comfort.

ZoneTouch is a touch screen air conditioning zoning system that that lets you divide, or ‘zone’, your air conditioning into 16 unique zones.

Using sliders on the touch screen, ZoneTouch lets you control the airflow in 5% increments by communicating with the dampers regulating the flow of conditioned air in each zone. Having a stylish touch screen, you can also rename each zone for the ultimate personalisation to make it part of your home.


6 Zones
Elegant Design
LED Buttons

Simple Comfort.

ZoneSwitch is a simple and reliable on and off switch for up to 6 air conditioning zones which connects to the air dampers in your ductwork. With a stylish but neutral panel design you can now easily switch zones on or off, and see which ones are active.

VAV - Variable Air Volume

Perfect for 1 Zone.

A central air and temperature control system for a single zone environment.

The VAV (Variable Air Volume) air conditioning wall controller is easy to use.