Smart Home Air Conditioning Control

Experience the fusion of comfort, energy efficiency, and stylish control with AirTouch and transform your home into a haven of ultimate luxury.

Make Climate Control a part of your Home Automation

Everyone is Comfortable

Greater Control of the Home Climate

App Control

iOS & Android

Save Energy

with Zone Control

AirTouch 5 and App Control of the air conditioning feature image.
Air Conditioning App control for zoning and unit control in large homes.

Compatible with leading reverse cycle brands

AirTouch is a smart air conditioning controller that lets you manage temperatures and airflow across up to 16 zones from multiple AC units with a touch screen on the wall, your mobile or tablet via WiFi or over the internet.

Sit back, relax and let AirTouch take care of your home’s climate control, delivering more comfort and helping to save energy.

AirTouch 5

Enhance your Air Conditioning.

The new AirTouch 5 is the 5th Generation of our flagship air conditioning controller, that is just as smart as it looks.

With an all new stunning user interface design you can experience more comfort, control and energy savings with your home’s ducted reverse cycle air conditioner.

Intelligent Temperature Sensors
16 Zones & Up to 16 ACs
Works with Smart Assistants

Say hello to effortless control embrace a lifestyle where comfort and efficiency seamlessly coexist, thanks to the enchanting capabilities of your AirTouch 5.

Intelligent Temperature Sensor Technology*

When the sun comes out, AirTouch 5 shines!

Add on wireless Intelligent Temperature Sensors to your AirTouch 5, and enjoy a different, individual temperature set point for each zone with the benefits of more accurate temperature monitoring all around your house.

Home Temperature Alerts*

AirTouch 5 stays in touch.

It even looks after you when you are not there with optional home temperature alerts that get sent to your smartphone.

You can choose to receive an alert on your phone letting you know when home is getting too warm or cold, inviting you to turn on the climate control so the house is comfortable for when you walk back through the door.

Geofencing with your Smartphone’s GPS*

Picture this: You’re leaving your house on a scorching summer day, juggling your keys, bag, and endless to-do list. Suddenly, you wonder, did you remember to turn off the air conditioner? Fear not, because AirTouch 5 can automatically turn it off when you when you leave, and back on again as you head home.

Now, imagine the sheer delight of returning home to a perfectly comfortable oasis, automatically cooled in summer or warmed in winter by your AC, which was sprung into action as you approached.

Voice Control

Just say the word and your comfort is AirTouch’s command.

“Ok Google, turn on the air conditioning…”

“Hey Alexa, cool down the family room…”

AirTouch makes voice control easy for your home climate with either your Amazon Echo or Google Home speaker.

Setting up AirTouch to work with these assistants is a straight forward process. Just link AirTouch to your Google Assistant with your Google Account or add it as a new Skill to Amazon Alexa.

AirTouch 2 Plus

You’re in control.

AirTouch 2 Plus, for easy home climate control from a high resolution 7″ touch screen console on the wall, app on your iOS or Android device, or even voice with your Google or Amazon digital assistant.

16 Zones & Up to 4 ACs
Save Energy
Works with Smart Assistants
AirTouch 2 Plus information tile.
Using the AirTouch air conditioning app when out and about.


Making your home as comfortable and energy efficient as possible can be a challenge, but AirTouch can offer a simple solution to the problem.

If your home is like many, temperatures can fluctuate from one room to the other because of sunlight, room activity or other factors.

No two houses are the same, but AirTouch is an air conditioner control system that is designed to be adaptable to many different house designs, sizes, geographic locations and general family lifestyles.

VRF Management

A new offering for designers of apartments, offices, shopping centres and more.

AirTouch 5 features a new interface designed to make managing up to 16 VRF (variable refrigerant flow) units in commercial or residential buildings easy, attractive and enjoyable.

How it Works

AirTouch helps to deliver comfort by sending cooled or heated air where you want it, and shut off unused areas enabling your system to reach the set point temperature where it is needed faster, and more economically.

It allows you to adjust the airflow going into each room in gentle 5% increments or even change the temperature throughout the house with just a few taps on the wall panel or from your phone or tablet.

AirTouch also offers Turbo Zone, a feature which can come in handy when you have a large gathering of people and want more conditioned air in one part of your house faster or need to make a room comfortable quickly.

*AirTouch 5 feature.