Zimi smart light swtiches.

Smart Light Switches

Switch it Up or Dim it Down with Smart Lighting.

Adjust light levels, track energy, set timers and more from the wall switch, AirTouch Console, your smartphone, Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa.

Make your lights smart

The Zimi Dimmable Light Switch is a wall switch that makes your existing lights smart so there is no need to upgrade to expensive smart bulbs.

Plus, everyone including guests in your home can have more control with a switch, as you don’t need to always reach for your smartphone.

Simply swap them over. Suits any home.

No special installation or new wiring is needed. Your electrician simply replaces the existing light switches with the Zimi dimmable light switches. It just takes a few minutes to switch your home on to a new world of lighting possibilities.

A choice of finishes to match your home’s dećor.

Integrated with AirTouch*

Control your home lighting from the Zimi Light Switches, your smartphone or with the AirTouch console on the wall. Seamlessly integrated, manage the lighting throughout your home.

App control of your smart home.
App Control

Anywhere or anytime

Voice control of your smart home.
Voice Control**

Hands free convenience

Physical switch infographic.
Switch Control

It's quick and easy

Multi Tap Control: Do more with your home's lights

Illuminate your life at home with different actions to tap into a new world of lighting control.

Tap On and Off

Lights come on at previously set brightness levels.

Double tap for full brightness

Quickly set the lights to 100%.

Triple tap for a timed fade

Gently dim down.

Control with the App

Now its lighting in your hands. Control and customise your home’s lights and energy use with your phone or AirTouch console. Set timers, lock power and check energy costs with a simple and user-friendly app.

Hoke automation apps infographic.
Control from Anywhere


Conserve energy with your smart home.
Check Energy Savings

Real Time

Schedule home automation actions.
Schedule Lighting Timers


Zimi smart lighting control with app.

Do all this from anywhere in the world with Zimi Cloud Connect

Zimi cloud connect lets you take your home with you. Connect to the internet from anywhere in the world to monitor and control your home’s lights and energy use.

Voice Control**

Voice Control with Smart Assistants.

Google Home Smart Lighting Control

Ok Google, Turn on the lights! Integrate your lighting with the Google Assistant and Zimi with AirTouch.

Amazon Alexa Lighting Control

Alexa, Turn on the lights in the living room. Now, it is possible to give Alexa the skills to control your home lighting with Zimi and AirTouch.

Light Dimmer

Simply replace your light dimmers and control your lighting with the convenience of Zimi. Home automation is now an affordable luxury for everyone, it’s so easy for you to take control today.

  • True retrofit – suitable for 2 wire (no neutral) & 3 wire installations.
  • Master / Slave setting so multiple devices can control the same lights.
  • Suitable for dimmable LED, incandescent & halogen lights (250W max).
  • Available in black or white with 3 different skins to suit your décor.
No DIY for Electrical products, use an electrician.

Please note this product is not DIY and must be installed by a licensed electrician! Remote access of your Powermesh enabled products and voice integration requires Zimi Cloud Connect and Internet connection.

*Requires Zimi Cloud Connect with an active internet connection.

**Voice Control requires Zimi Cloud Connect with an active internet connection and Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa.