Using the smart app to control your air conditioning at home.

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Let's Introduce Ourselves

Revolutionising Climate Control with Innovation and Consistency.

In today’s realm of modern climate control, AirTouch stands as a beacon of innovation and reliability, having reshaped the way we can experience comfort and efficiency within our living and working environments.

Since 1973 Polyaire who develops AirTouch, has been dedicated to providing unparalleled comfort solutions for people across Australia, a commitment that has driven our continuous improvement and evolution in the field.

Our journey started back with simple engraved mech switches wired to 240v motors controlling air dampers.

This marked the first step in a series of clever advancements that saw the introduction of the 24v ZoneMaster range, equipped with RF (radio frequency) technology, later followed by the more sophisticated Maxipoint Controller range and the VAV series, which brought variable air volume control for precise temperature management in various types of residential or commercial spaces.

Using AirTouch app control outside home.
Air Conditioning outlets in a smart home.

Despite this rapid evolution, one aspect has always remained constant:

Our commitment to ensuring that most components across both our current and previous product lines maintain a high degree of compatibility and reliability.

This principle has been a cornerstone of our technical design philosophy, ensuring that our systems are not only advanced but also user-friendly and adaptable to various settings.

The AirTouch series, first introduced in 2014, has been a game changer in the world of smart climate control. The original AirTouch system was capable of controlling both the air conditioning unit itself plus up to 16 zones, which was a significant advancement at the time. This was followed by the AirTouch 2, which provided enhanced control over two AC units in the same building and 16 zones.

Adjusting the temperature using the AirTouch 5 smart controller.
AirTouch 5 in upstairs and downstairs mode.

The AirTouch 3 brought a significant leap forward with the introduction of wireless temperature sensors, along with behind the scenes changes designed to simplify installation and improve user experience.

The AirTouch 4 further elevated the standard with a large HD touchscreen, a new sensor design, the ability to control one to four separate AC units, voice control*, and Android integration to enable it to be used as a central smart hub for modern homes.

Our latest offering includes the ZoneMaster range with ZoneSwitch, a straightforward on/off pad for six separate zones and ZoneTouch 3, a 7 inch touchscreen controller with variable flow for up to 16 zones and local WiFi connectivity.

We also present the AirTouch range which consists of AirTouch 2+, a comprehensive 7 inch touchscreen with full WiFi and internet control for two AC units and up to 16 zones; and more recently AirTouch 5, the epitome of comfort and efficiency, designed to manage 16 AC units and 16 zones.

ZoneSwitch and ZoneTouch 3 controllers.
AirTouch 2 plus smart AC controller in cool mode.

The 24 volt Plug & Play wiring architecture remains consistent across our entire range, including AirTouch, Maxipoint, ZoneSwitch, and ZoneTouch.

This unified approach involves using the same 24v motors, control cables, touchpad communication cables, transformer requirements, and gateway processes (relevant to AirTouch), ensuring easy, safe installation and maintenance.

In designing AirTouch, we focused on creating a highly user-centric system. Our controllers are engineered to replace conventional proprietary wall controllers.

AirTouch systems stand out for their ease of installation and intuitive operation, catering to the needs of both installers and homeowners.

AirTouch 5 installed in living room.

The AirTouch 5 represents the zenith of our design and technological prowess.

It is the only model currently equipped with wireless Intelligent Temperature Sensors, an option that places sensors in each zone to monitor room temperature, providing real time feedback and enabling precise airflow adjustments. The sensors also feature a button with a status light that changes colour depending on the mode, allowing users to easily turn zones on or off.

The AirTouch 5 interface is also unique in that it offers users the ability to personalise it with a range of themes for different styles or even with their own photos. The AirTouch 2+ changes the screen colour depending on the mode it is set to.

AirTouch 5 lets you change the theme.
Air conditioning apps.

At AirTouch, our mission transcends mere climate control.

We aim to integrate advanced technology seamlessly into your lifestyle, ensuring every moment in your home or office is spent in the utmost comfort and efficiency.

Now join us in embracing the future of smart climate control, where innovation meets practicality.

Who is Polyaire?

Developer of AirTouch and Australia’s leading Air Conditioning distributor, Polyaire, boasts over 20 branches across the country. Polyaire is dedicated to fostering robust customer connections and collaborates with air conditioning experts to provide the simplest, most comfortable, reliable, and economical air conditioning solutions for both homes and offices throughout Australia.

Polyaire branch, the home of AirTouch.

*When using compatible third-party smart assistants.