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Home Climate Control

Smart Air Conditioning


The right temperature, at the right place, at the right time. Whole House Comfort, that you can control from anywhere.

The epitome of comfort, energy savings, smart home integrations and style.

AirTouch and Zimi. Together.

Lighting, Smart Switches, Garage Door and More


Full Control

Future Proof your Smart Home with AirTouch and Zimi for control of your climate, lighting, power points, garage door and more.

Integrates how you want

Ready for Greater Things

Unlock greater potential for your smart home air conditioning, lighting and and other parts of your house with AirTouch and popular open smart assistants such as Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.

Experience Luxury Home Automation

Now you can control anything from air conditioning to lighting, power and your electric garage door from the wall console, your smartphone or with voice commands.

Smart Air Conditioning designed for Australian Homes

Not all smart air control systems are created equal: Many are designed without taking into consideration the diverse and very changeable Australian climate.

AirTouch is designed in Australia to offer Australian homes optimum comfort, and to enhance the energy efficiency of their air conditioning all year round.