Smart power points with energy use monitoring.

Smart Power Points

The Double Power Point with special powers.

Switch, monitor and manage power use in your home.

Integrated with AirTouch*

Turn power points on or off at the switch, with your phone, voice control or even with the AirTouch console. With AirTouch on the wall, you can now manage your Zimi Power Points throughout your home.


Simple touch control on the Zimi Power Point.

Smart power points with multi touch switch control.
Voice control of smart power points.


Turn anything on or off by voice control with the Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa.


Smartphone app control of all devices plugged into your smart power points.

Smart power points with app control.
Timers for smart power point control.


Set a timer to turn a device on or off.

Zimi smart home app energy monitoring.

Track Energy Costs

Measure the cost of your energy usage in real time. Identify energy hot spots in your home and customise appliance use in your settings to help the environment and your bank balance.

Choose a style to match your home

A range of face plate styles that can be clicked on or off to suit you.

Know what is drawing a lot of power

Clever status lights on the Zimi Power Points let you know if different appliances are drawing a lot of power.

If the lights pulsate green, then the connected appliance is using a high amount of electricity. You can also keep an eye on and change the energy alert settings in the Zimi app with your smartphone.

High power use indicator of Zimi Power Points.
Safety with home automation products like app controlled power points.

Forgot to turn it off?

Enjoy the added safety of being able to check in on, and then remotely switch off any plugged in devices.

Power Lock for peace of mind

Lock power switches from accidentally being turned on to improve your home’s safety, protecting your loved ones.

Smart power points offer a new level of safety.
Smart power points can be easily installed by a qualified electrician.

Simply swap them over

Suits any Home

No special installation or wiring is needed. Your electrician simply just replaces the existing power points. It only takes a few minutes to switch your home over to a new world of smart power control.

Double Power Point

Simply replace your existing power points and control your appliances with the convenience of Zimi. Home automation is now an affordable luxury for everyone, it’s so easy for you to take control today.

  • True retrofit solution, no extra wires needed.
  • Power monitoring and inbuilt scheduling.
  • Control any appliance up to 10A @ 240V AC.
  • Available in black or white with 3 different skins to suit your decor.
No DIY for Electrical products, use an electrician.

Please note this product is not DIY and must be installed by a licensed electrician! Remote access of your Powermesh enabled products and voice integration requires Zimi Cloud Connect and Internet connection.

*Requires Zimi Cloud Connect with an active internet connection.

**Voice Control requires Zimi Cloud Connect with an active internet connection and Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa.