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Connecting AirTouch to WiFi

A great feature of AirTouch is that it gives you smart control of your air conditioner, both locally through WiFi or via a secure internet connection when you are away from home.

To enjoy the benefits of this, you have to connect your AirTouch system to your home WiFi network which will need internet connectivity. Now you can control your air conditioning from wherever you are in the world.

If you are using AirTouch 4, the console runs on Android so just connect the Android operating system to your WiFi network in system settings and you are ready to go. You can jump straight to the required settings screen via the Quick Menu. This demonstration video shows you how.

If you are using AirTouch 2 Plus, just tap WiFi Settings in the Quick Menu and enter in your home network details.

To connect AirTouch to WiFi (AirTouch 2 and 3)

The connection can be carried out by scanning for your home WiFi network or inputting it manually.

  1. On your AirTouch panel, touch User and then WiFi to enter the WiFi Setup screen. Note: If AirTouch is currently connected to a WiFi network, its SSID name will be ticked.
  2. If the wireless network SSID is known, touch the SSID field to display the keyboard on screen and then input first few characters of the SSID. Touch Enter to confirm the SSID input.
  3. Touch Scan to start scanning for available WiFi networks/routers or touch Other to bring up the manual WiFi SSID input.
  4. On completion of the scan, a list of WiFi networks will be displayed. Touch the desired network’s name and then go to next step. If your desired network is not in the list, choose to enter it manually on the WiFi setup screen (see step 3).
  5. Touch the password field to enter the password of the WiFi network. Touch Enter to confirm. AirTouch supports WEP, WPA, and WPA2 Wireless network encryption.
  6. Touch Connect to connect the desired WiFi network. Connecting will appear on the screen while AirTouch joins the network, and will subsequently change to Connected when successful.

The Wi-Fi logo will show on the status bar whenever AirTouch is connected to WiFi.

The connection will stay permanent unless the network settings change on the home router such as the Network Name (SSID), password, security levels, filters and others. If something like a SSID or password changes, just rejoin the network with the new settings. And don’t worry if there is a power failure. The WiFi connection will automatically resume after power off and on cycle.

Now you can setup and run the AirTouch App on your smart devices to control your ducted AC unit and zoning. If you haven’t already, download the AirTouch App.