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Air Conditioning is Just the Beginning.

Experience more comfort. Enjoy more control. Save energy cooling or heating your house. With a newly designed stunning user interface that you can change to suit your home, AirTouch 5 is as smart as it looks.

You’re in Control.

Cool the house down before you get home in summer, or warm it up before you wake up in winter.

One Smart Hub for Up to 16 Indoor Units.

AirTouch allows for more creative installations with more flexibility and comfort. Control for multiple fancoil units with smaller outdoor footprint, all from one console.

Better Comfort, Better Savings.

By using ZoneTouch 3 to turn off the cooling/heating in areas of your home that are not being used, the reduced area being air conditioned will reach the desired comfort level faster, and be much easier for your air conditioner to maintain.

Simple Comfort.

A simple and attractive Zone Damper Control system, which also includes the added benefit of the Spill Zone function.