Intelligent Temperature Sensors

Have a different set point temperature for each zone and help avoid hot and cold spots.

When the sun comes out, AirTouch shines

If you’ve been having trouble with some rooms tending to be warmer or colder than others are, then owning an air control system equipped with our wireless Intelligent Temperature Sensor Technology (ITS) could be an ideal solution.

Greater Enjoyment

Whatever the reason may be for those rooms around the house having temperatures out of sync, such as the sun hitting them at certain times of the day, warm cooking or other activities, ITS technology can help.

More Comfort

Intelligent sensors provide real time feedback to AirTouch 5, enabling it to respond and keep you comfortable, no matter the ambient changes.

More Savings

With our ITS technology, AirTouch only sends conditioned air to where it is needed, resulting in more efficient management of the airflow, which can help save you money by reducing energy use.

More Convenience

Everyone can have a better experience from your climate control, just by setting their favourite temperature for the zone or area they are using.

AirTouch Solves the Problem

Often, with ducted air conditioning control systems, the temperature sensor is in just one location. And because there is only one of them, it makes it impossible for it to monitor the entire house across all the different zones.

We recommend expanding your home’s AC system to include AirTouch’s Intelligent Temperature Sensors (ITS Technology) to actively monitor changes around your home, and adjust the airflow accordingly.

So if the sun comes out and warms up rooms on one side of your house AirTouch can adjust only their airflow, and not waste cooled or heated air on areas that are already comfortable.

You also get to enjoy a new level of peace of mind when you use a sensor in your baby’s room for example, as you can be sure they are not getting too hot or cold and you can check in on the temperature as well.

A handy Extra Switch with a Status Light

The AirTouch 5 sensors on the wall also give you an additional button to turn the airflow On or Off for their zone, or even the air conditioning unit itself.

With a single tap the useful ring light flashes a colour, to show you the zone or AC unit’s current status. A subsequent press can also be programmed to change it.

Find out more about the different statuses and functional modes you can setup with this support article

AirTouch unique Intelligent Temperature Control technology for a different temp in each room of your home.

Easy to Add and Setup

No extra cabling is needed as the sensors themselves are wireless and battery powered.*

They can be added either when you have AirTouch installed, or later on as your needs change.

When they are paired, you’ll see the option for individual room/zone temperature controls, and reading, appear on the console and app.

Simply Clever

Think of them working like thermostats monitoring the temperature of each zone that you put them in.

AirTouch receives information back from them and responds by adjusting the airflow where it is needed, to help maintain the chosen set point for each zone.

Ultimately, you’ll get to enjoy more control over and information about your home’s temperatures.

AirTouch 5 zone control with Intelligent Temperature Control mode.

ITS Requires AirTouch 5
*CR2450 button cell