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The right temperature, in the right place, at the right time. Whole House Comfort, that you can control from anywhere.

The epitome of comfort, energy savings, home automation and style. AirTouch.


Your comfort is our first priority.

Zone your ducted reverse cycle air conditioning for more comfort and energy savings. Now, everyone can enjoy their favourite temperature in whichever room they are using, plus you can save by not needing to run the system for the entire house all at once.

With AirTouch, you get to stay in control of the conditioned airflow around your home with an easy to use and stylish touch panel featuring a personalised user interface to suit your lifestyle, or the app on your favourite smart device.

Integrates How You Want

Ready for Greater Things

Unlock more potential for your climate, lighting and other parts of your house with AirTouch and popular virtual assistants like Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.

Cleverly Designed for Australia

Not all smart air control systems are created equal: Many are created without thinking about the very diverse, changeable and extreme Australian climate.

AirTouch is designed in Australia to provide Australian homes optimum comfort, and to enhance the energy efficiency of their air conditioning no matter what the season.

Australian house interior showing automation for air conditioning, lighting, fans and power.

Zimi Home Automation

Full Control

Future proof your house with AirTouch and Zimi for control of your climate, lighting, power points, garage door and more, all working together.

Be in Control, Your Way

Now you can control anything from the home temperature to lighting, power and your electric garage door, all with the AirTouch wall console, your smartphone or just by voice.

Happy AirTouch user at home in air conditioned comfort.