Amazon Alexa Air Conditioning Control

With AirTouch, Alexa has a new Skill to control your home climate.

Alexa, Warm up the Dining Room...

Already love Alexa on the Amazon Echo speaker? Now, you can use it to control your air conditioning.

Hands free, voice control of the the home climate is now possible and ready to make life a little more convenient. If you have your hands full, or are busy and just can’t reach out for a touch screen or your phone for the app, being able to call out to a smart assistant to turn on or off the system or adjust it somehow is a great value add to home living.

Just imagine dashing into the house on a cold day from the rain, but having the convenience of being able to call out for it to be warmed up with a simple voice command.

Alexa, Turn on the Air Conditioning.

Alexa, What is the temperature of the dining room?*

Alexa, Set the family room to 22 degrees.*

Using Alexa is as simple as just asking a question. All you have to do is ask, and it will respond from your Amazon Echo speaker.

We believe that truly useful home automation devices should make life easier and more comfortable, going beyond just being pieces of technology.

Setting up the Skill with your Amazon account is easy. Watch our setup video to see how it is done using the app with your choice of Amazon Echo Speaker and AirTouch.

Alexa with AirTouch can offer more than just a simple voice controlled on and off switch for your home AC unit. It is so much more clever than that:

You can ask it to set different temperatures/airflow volumes in the different zones of your home, turn them on or off, or just enquire about their temperatures.*

Just make sure that all devices are connected to WiFi with an always on internet connection, such as via your router.

The Skills to manage your home’s climate

With AirTouch, Alexa gains the skills to manage your home’s climate beyond just an on and off function, but to be a complete zoned system, monitoring temperatures and making adjustments to keep everyone comfortable and helping you to save energy.

What is Amazon Alexa?

Alexa is a voice controlled smart assistant available on the range of Amazon Echo speakers. It lets you have voice control of an ever increasing volume of compatible smart home devices including lights, switches, appliances, entertainment systems, thermostats and more. Cloud based, Alexa is always getting cleverer.

The more that you talk to Alexa, the more it adapts to your speech patterns, vocabulary, and personal preferences. So then using it to manage your home climate becomes even easier, more natural and fun.