Home Temperature Alerts

No one likes coming home to a hot house on a summers day or a cold one in winter.

The convenience of staying informed…

AirTouch 5 can send a temperature alert to your smartphone when the house is getting too hot or cold and you’re not there.

It is a great way to stay informed about the temperature back at home whilst out and about.

It is Quick to Setup

Getting started with AirTouch’s temperature alerts is easy, just set your preferred thresholds for the maximum and minimum temperatures that you’d like to receive an alert for in the wall console settings.

Just tap to enter the Quick Menu > Settings > Smarts > and Temperature Alerts to setup.

Over on your phone, you may also need to make sure that alerts are allowed in the iOS or Android permissions settings for the AirTouch app.

Enjoy Coming Home

Now, you’ll never have to come home to a house like an oven during the next hot summer, or a freezer in the cold winter months.

When you get the alert, tap it to launch the AirTouch app and turn on the climate control back at your place so it is nice and comfortable for when you arrive…or, simply be sure that the pets are comfy throughout the day!

User of the AirTouch app responding to temperature alert.