ZoneTouch, the multi colour zone controller introduction.

ZoneTouch 3

Better Comfort. Better Savings.

Touch screen and app control of the volume of conditioned air in each room throughout your home.

Savings Matters

Zone your ducted air conditioning for more comfort and energy savings.

With ZoneTouch 3 as a part of your climate control, everyone enjoys their own comfort level and you can save energy by turning off the airflow for rooms when they are not being used, while leaving it on for those that are.

You can also save money by reducing the size of the AC unit you need to install when you zone it, as well as on power costs in the future.

Save Money

ZoneTouch 3 is a touch screen zone controller to let you control which rooms of your home are air conditioned, and prevent wasting conditioned air on rooms that are not in use.

ZoneTouch 3 air conditioning zoning diagram.

Ready for your Home

Suits your Dećor

Got a colour in mind for the walls? Don’t the the controller detract from them. Choose a background colour and customise ZoneTouch 3 to match your home’s style.

All the colours available for ZoneTouch 3.

Your Comfort

For when, and where, you need it most.

How zoning can change throughout the day, and overnight for your personal comfort.

Adjust the airflow around your home in 5% increments, so everyone enjoys their own preferred level of comfort.

App Control for iOS & Android

The remote is already in your pocket with the new ZoneTouch 3 App to control your zoning.

Underlying Safety

With built in safety features like Spill Zone, ZoneTouch 3 can help prevent damage to your ducting.

Future Proof. It just Works.

Add value to your beautiful home with an elegant controller that works with any ducted reverse cycle air conditioner you choose, or even upgrade to later on in the future.

With a new interface, ZoneTouch 3 helps deliver precise control of your comfort, and comes with the added advantage of our 20+ years of experience to help take full potential of your home climate control.

Zone control on ZoneTouch 3 app.
Turbo Zone
Air conditioning timer infographic.
Easy Timer Control
7 inch touchscreen infographic.
7" HD Touch Screen
Favourites mode infographic.
4 Favourite Scenarios
Control up to 16 zones infographic.
Control up to 16 Zones
5 year warranty infographic.
5 Year Warranty