FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Spill Zone?

An important safety feature that is built into all AirTouch and ZoneMaster products.

Every Air Conditioning Zone Management System theoretically has the ability to turn off individual outlets so no air can flow, even with the air conditioner unit running at full capacity. This situation would, of course, create huge air pressure in the ducts finally causing one or more to disconnect from a fitting, or split the duct to relieve the pressure. This can be expensive to fix. A Spill Zone is the 'safety valve', a designated zone(s) in a house that won't turn off if all the other zones are already off.

Will I save energy with a Zone Management System or not?

Why spend money cooling or heating the whole house when you are only using a few rooms? With a properly set up Zone Management System, you use your conditioned air more efficiently, so you can save money by not wasting air unnecessarily.

If you are having a Ducted Air Conditioning System installed, a basic ZoneMaster System will add around 6-10% to the total price. Well worth the small increase and probably reclaimable in energy savings over the life of the system.

Why would I have more air coming out of one outlet in large volumes and another outlet (at the back of the house) where I am unable to detect the air coming out?

That would be a balancing issue. It would be best to contact your installer (the company you purchased the system from) and have it balanced so air comes out evenly throughout your home.

On a hot day, 40ºC and above, why would my air conditioning unit not cool at 18ºC?

There are many factors to consider – does your unit sit outdoors, heat radiating from a brick wall, or have you got space for the unit to breathe?

Most manufacturers will ask for at least one metre from the face of the unit to a building/fence line to enable the unit to breathe/expel the hot air from the premises. A good thing to remember is if your outdoor unit is free from any plants, objects and absolutely anything that will restrict airflow.

What would the best operating temperature to run my unit at?

If it’s 40ºC or over outside, start your unit at 26ºC or 27ºC (sure this sounds warm) but it’s cooler than 40ºC. Let the unit run for an hour or two in your home then drop your temperature down to 25ºC and continue to drop one degree every hour. This will make your unit work more effectively and ultimately you will get down to about 23ºC which is the most ideal temperature.

What would be the ideal zone management system for my house?

It depends on what you are looking for in a system and also your budget. To compare the features, you may click here.

What is the difference between the ZoneMaster range and AirTouch?

ZoneMaster consists of VAV, ZoneSwitch and ZoneTouch. The AirTouch is our brand new range which offers you total control of your air conditioning system using a smart touch control panel or phone app. For a comparison in features between the range, please click here.

What systems or brands will the ZoneMaster or AirTouch work with?

The ZoneMaster and AirTouch is compatible with major air conditioner brands such as Daikin, Fujitsu, Hitachi, LG, Carrier, Mitsubishi, Samsung, Toshiba and Panasonic. Learn more here, or Contact us to enquire about your specific system.

I have the AirTouch 2 system installed in my house and would like to upgrade to the AirTouch 3. Can you please advise how I can do this?

Yes. In terms of hardware, you will need the AirTouch 3 touchpad and main module, your current transformer and cabling does not need to be changed. Best to contact someone qualified to remove the old model and install the new one. 

Where can I find the user and installation manual for any of the air control systems?

You may find the user and installation manual for both ZoneMaster and AirTouch on our website or click here.

How does the AirTouch 3 differentiate itself from its predecessors?

The all new AirTouch 3 has an optional feature called Individual Temperature Control (ITC) to actively monitor temperature changes around your home and adjust airflow accordingly. Click here for more information on ITC.

How much would each of the system cost?

Each of the system differs in pricing. You may contact your nearest installer for a zoning system that best suits your needs and budget.