Understanding the Spill Zone Feature

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Smart technology is useful when it makes life better. More benefits with control and comfort for you as the user. But there are other features of the AirTouch and ZoneMaster range that are clever ideas designed to keep your home’s ducted air conditioning system safe.

Spill Zone is a safety feature in our controllers that is designed to prevent damage to your installation from unwanted pressure building up in your duct in the roof space. Every zone management system theoretically has the ability to turn off outlets so no air can flow which can be a problem if the air conditioner is running. This can cause huge pressure to build up in your ducts which could cause a length of duct to disconnect from a fitting or split. This means conditioned air doesn’t then get delivered to where you want it in your home, and could be expensive to get fixed.

Think of the Spill Zone feature as a safety valve to prevent this: It is a designated zone that if you turn off too many zones or close them off too much, AirTouch or ZoneMaster will open the designated spill zone and send air to it, in order to prevent unwanted pressure building up that could cause damage.

You will know if Spill Zone is active on your touch screen controller as a little S will appear next to the designated zone name to indicate it is on. It is a normal safety feature. When you open up other zones, the S will disappear as Spill Zone will no longer be required.

The system software is always monitoring, and will turn Spill Zone on when required.

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