Introduction to smart energy use monitoring of the air conditioning with AirTouch 5.

Energy Insights

See when you used your system more than you needed to, or learn what rooms get used the most.

Save Energy, Save Money

Built in smarts to help manage energy savings for you.

Review the energy you are using heating or cooling your home with AirTouch 5, and make greater informed choices to be more energy efficient.

Try Energy Insights on the App or Console

On the AirTouch 5 App, you can now check your air conditioning energy usage just like on the wall console, but you also get to review your AirTouch Energy Star Rating,* and understand how you may be even more efficient.

Smart air conditioning energy stars.

Track Your Air Conditioning Energy Use

Knowledge is power. It is great to stay informed about how you are using energy.

Track air conditioning energy use by zone.

Usage by Zone

Check which rooms you run your ducted reverse cycle air conditioner for, and proportionally how much, to help identify if there is wastage.

Track Usage by Mode

Visualise how you use your ducted system modes with a simple and clear graph.

For example, find out if you tend to use more energy cooling compared to heating your home over time.

Track energy use for the air conditioning by mode.
Energy use tracking for your air conditioning with AirTouch.

Track Energy Use Over Time

Our easy graphs help you track your energy use when air conditioning your home over a 24 hour, 7 day or monthly period compared to what the local weather was like outside.

Identify where you can save energy, and money, with your home’s climate control.

Get a Monthly Forecast

Estimate how much energy you might use for the current month to cool or heat your home.

Energy forecast for climate control.
Using AirTouch energy saving modes.

Track the Features you are Using

Learn which of our exciting energy saving features you are using the most, or discover others including newly updated ones you could also try.

Turn on Wastage Alerts

AirTouch 5 can detect a sudden increase or decrease in temperature, such as from a window or door being left open, and let you know with an alert sent to your phone.

AirTouch energy wastage alerts setup screen.
AirTouch options for tracking energy use.

Give it a Go

To get started with all the Insights tools on your AirTouch 5, find out more from this Support Article.

*AirTouch Energy Star Rating is calculated by our own algorithm, and is a user interface feature of the AirTouch 5 smart air conditioning controller, unrelated to any other energy star rating systems, publications or organisations.