What is Ducted Air Conditioning Zoning?

Understanding air conditioning zoning and controller options.

Better Comfort. Better Savings.

Zoning your home’s ducted air conditioning system will mean that everyone can enjoy their own temperature and airflow, and you can save on energy and running costs by turning off the airflow for rooms not in use.

Air conditioning zoning is a system that divides a building into different zones, allowing for independent control of the airflow or temperature in each area or room. This enables greater energy efficiency and personalised climate control by directing cool or warm air only to the specific zones that need it. It is also possible to adjust the volumes of air being sent to each zone as well, for even more individualised comfort control.

When you zone your AC installation, you can also save money by reducing the capacity size of the air conditioner you need to buy and have installed, as well as on power costs when running it in the future.

Without AC zoning technology, a central air conditioning unit cools or heats the entire house, which means that every room receives the same airflow, regardless of room size, how many people are using (or not using) that room, the sun hitting one side of the building, or most importantly, everyone’s individual choices for the temperature.

Your Comfort, When and Where You Need it

Australian households with ducted reverse cycle ACs can have them zoned to enjoy all of the benefits.

Air condition just the parts of the house you want to, when, and to everyone’s personal preferences.

Zoning Your Air Conditioning Helps

In the past, your climate control was either just on or off for the entire building at the same time, which wasn’t very efficient because you couldn’t turn off unused areas, or adjust the air volumes to suit different room sizes or designs.

With different family members coming and going during the day, or congregating in areas together, these older systems often meant that you’d be running the air conditioning in parts of the house not in use, and no one could enjoy their own preferred comfort level where they were.

Zone air conditioning friendly gathering.
Air conditioning zoning diagram showing different volumes of conditioned air around the house.

Empower your Preferences

You wouldn’t have just a single light switch for the entire house. We believe that your air conditioning shouldn’t be any different.

Zoning Gives You Choices

Everyone can choose their preferred conditioned air volume to suit themselves, in their space.

What is a Zone Controller?

Your interface to control your zones. The zone controller is a device to let you have control of the airflow and volumes. It adjusts and turns on an off the air dampers within the ductwork distributing conditioned air around your home.

ZoneSwitch zone controllers by Polyaire and ZoneMaster.
ZoneTouch 3 Zone Controller by ZoneMaster.


Older style zone controllers were often mech switches (like light switches) that just turned on or off the airflow completely through the dampers.

A nicer looking option to this is ZoneSwitch. But, everyone is an individual, so with options like ZoneTouch you can adjust the airflow in small 5% increments for different rooms.


But for total convenience, try a smart controller like the AirTouch 2+ or AirTouch 5.

These give you control of the airflow going into each area as well as the extra convenience of all your AC unit controls such as set point, mode, fan speed or timers from the touchscreen on the wall or app from anywhere.

Options for AirTouch 5 or AirTouch2 Plus Smart controllers.
Air conditioning zoning for a different temperature in each zone.

Take it Further with Intelligent Sensor Technology

If you want to adjust each zone temperature by degrees, and not just airflow percentage, upgrade to AirTouch 5 and add on the Intelligent Temperature Sensors.

Your smart system will then also be able to monitor temperatures all around your house, with the sensors sending feedback to AirTouch so it can manage your air conditioning zones more efficiently, by not trying to heat or cool rooms that don’t need it, but still responding for rooms that do.

Advanced Solutions

Older style traditional zoning requires a large common zone which remains open at all times to prevent air pressure building up and damaging the ductwork. The common zone can occupy up to 25% or more of a home, and you will pay to heat or cool it regardless of whether you use that area which creates wastage. AirTouch and ZoneMaster can help solve these problems.

We believe that having complete control of your home air conditioning system should be a necessity, and not an option, with the next level in customisations and control.

We go on the basis that different areas of your home have different airflow needs, as do individual family members. Having the ability to monitor and adjust the amount of air going into each room should be made easy for everyone.

We took all of this into consideration when designing our range, to adapt and adjust to your personal air conditioning requirements.

AirTouch console and app for zone control.

A Safe Choice

With the AirTouch and ZoneMaster controller range, you also get the added safety benefits of the Spill Zone feature to protect your system if too many zones are turned off when the AC unit itself is running.