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Elevate Your Architectural Projects with the AirTouch Smart Climate Controller

Every architectural masterpiece deserves the best in smart building features. With AirTouch’s intuitive interface, not only can users seamlessly manage the climate but can also immerse in the luxury that cutting-edge technology offers.

Don't Let Your Projects Settle for Anything Less than the Best

In today’s competitive architectural landscape, distinctiveness is key. Imagine a space that isn’t just visually striking but is also integrated with the pulse of modern technology, ensuring unparalleled comfort plus enjoyment for its inhabitants.

AirTouch is not just another climate controller; it’s the total embodiment of sophistication, technology, and functionality, all designed to accentuate the finesse of high-end homes, apartments, and offices.

West Village by Sekisui House

AirTouch was chosen for its ability to control multiple VRFs in 367 apartments in 3 residential towers at Arcadia North, Arcadia South & Altura in this sprawling $1.1bn project in Brisbane.

Lusso Tugun

AirTouch products were selected for Lusso, a boutique beach-front development of 8 ultra-luxurious residences across 5 storeys, located in one of the Gold Coast’s most prestigious pockets.

The Lanes by Pradella

The final stage of Pradella’s $1.3bn riverside West End masterplan next to their recently completed Montague Markets development. These projects favoured AirTouch for the fusion of smart comfort, control and appearance.

Innovation is the Language of Leaders

Latest Smart Technology

Stay ahead of the curve and impress your clients with the next-gen air conditioning controller that integrates seamlessly with the building’s ecosystem.

Elegant User Interface

Crafted meticulously to blend with any high-end interior design, adding a touch of elegance and sophistication.


Perfect for high-end homes, upscale apartments, and modern office spaces.

In Demand

Join the ranks of elite architects who have chosen AirTouch for their projects.

Elevate your design

Enhance user experience. Ensure client satisfaction.

Every detail matters, and with AirTouch, you’re not just choosing a product, you’re choosing excellence.

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