Happy New Year for 2023! Are You looking to build a house or renovate this year?

When building or renovating a house, selections for the styles of materials can be one of the most enjoyable parts of the process.

Wishing everyone a happy new year. Will 2023 be the year that you renovate, or build a new home? One of the most fun parts of building a new house is the selections process. It is all about your choice for your style. It is the process where you’re the designer and you choose the style of brick and rendering, roofs, carpets and flooring, the paint colours, style of the kitchens, bathrooms and joinery, everything you can think of. These days, you can even choose the design of the light switches and power points for that extra bit of value.

You often do the selections with a consultant to help you from your home builder.

It is only recently though that the humble air conditioning controller can now be upgraded to suit the style of your new home too. With AirTouch, you have the choice to upgrade to a beautiful looking controller that that gives you smart climate control for your home, that is so cleverly simple to use, but also looks the part when it is on your wall.

Who wouldn’t want a sleek looking touch screen with a clear design to control their air conditioning instead of an older push button type panel with an older kind of screen?

Why not add more value to your home’s design with the wow factor of a touch panel that has been customised to match it? With AirTouch 5, you can do this with the themes feature.

We All Have Our Own Style

AirTouch 5 is the controller you can customise the design of the interface to match your home. When you are designing the style of your home, you want it to be perfect. When you move in, you can change the appearance of AirTouch’s theme, such as the background colour, buttons and other user interface elements to match your design preference. If you fancy a photographic background you can choose from any of our curated pictures or upload your own favourite family photo to be there when you use the panel on the wall.

There is so much that AirTouch can do to help make you more comfortable, offer the ability for different temperatures in different parts of your home, improve air conditioning energy efficiency and keep you in touch with your home climate with a phone app, but changing the wall console to match your design preferences is another way AirTouch’s smart technology becomes so much more personable, and enjoyable.

We believe that truly smart home devices should be all about you and how they enrich your life. Check out our support article of customising your theme with AirTouch 5.

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