During this rather cold winter in Australia, what can AirTouch do for you?

Australia is experiencing a cold winter this year. So what can upgrading to smart air conditioning do for you in winter 2022?

This is a cold winter this year, especially in the southern states. If you have a ducted reverse cycle air conditioner, your system can cool the air in summer but now in the colder winter months, it is good to know that it can also provide your home with warmth. You can take control of your comfort further this winter with AirTouch.

When you have AirTouch as your smart controller, you get all the benefits of zoning – that is being able to control which parts of your house are warmed and which are not. Handy, because you won’t have to worry about paying to warm parts of your home that are not in use.

Warmth with the App

No one likes to wander around a cold house in winter…or get out of a nice warm bed for anything…When you have smart app control of the home climate this winter, you can turn on the heating without having the leave the couch, or the bed. Great to know if you are also sitting with a sleeping baby as now you can help keep them warm without having to move an inch.

Never worry about leaving the heating running and wasting electricity either – with the AirTouch app, you can turn off your system from anywhere – a real energy saving benefit if you get to work and realise you may have left the heating running. Just grab your phone and turn it off. Or, turn it on again when you are heading home to come home to a comfortable house.

AirTouch helps take care of your comfort in the background…If you are out during the day, with the heating off, and home gets below a temperature you find comfortable, AirTouch 4 can send an temperature alert to your phone to let you know so can turn on the system remotely.

Or, at anytime, you can send the pets at home a little extra warmth to let them know you love them!

Another great benefit the writer of this article enjoys is the Quick Timer. Just press and hold the power button on your AirTouch 2+ or AirTouch 4, and set a stopwatch to countdown to turn on or off the heating. See more about how to use it here.

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When you are building a new home there is a lot to consider when it comes to selections. Flooring, paint colours, joinery for the kitchen, blinds, style of the doors, paving, the list can seem like it just keeps going on and on.
AirTouch’s ITC Sensors are wireless and don’t need any extra cabling making it possible to add them onto AirTouch very quickly and in batches at once.
Running software updates ensures that your AirTouch console is always operating the latest software available for it. It is important to note that you need to run software updates on the console itself, as well as on the smartphone app when they become available for it.

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