Zone control for air conditioning with airflow volume or degrees.

Control your AC Zoning by Temperature or Airflow Percentage

Answering a common zone control question for AirTouch 5 and 4.

We are often asked why do some air conditioning zones allow control by temperature in degrees Celsius, or airflow % (percentage) from users of AirTouch 5 or AirTouch 4. The simple answer to this is if a zone has wireless temperature sensors installed, on AirTouch 5 or 4 you get the option to control that zone in degrees Celsius. If a zone doesn’t have temperature sensors, the default control of that zone is in airflow percentage. AirTouch 2 Plus or ZoneTouch 3 only allow zone control in air volume/airflow percentage.

The advantage of using wireless temperature sensors in your AC Zones

Take your air conditioning zoning a step further with AirTouch’s Intelligent Temperature Sensor Technology with wireless sensors placed in the zones you want to use it. You’ll be able to enjoy:

More precise control

For the temperature of each zone in degrees Celsius, not just in airflow %.

You specify the temperature that you want for that zone/room, and AirTouch will adjust the air volume to suit.

Greater Convenience

An extra on and off switch for that AC zone with the sensor on the wall. More places and options to control the conditioned air.

More precise monitoring

If AirTouch detects a change in temperature in the zone, it will adjust the airflow to get it back to the temperature you want.

You’ll be better informed

You can see the temperature of each zone individually on the AirTouch console or the app on your smartphone. AirTouch will also be able to send you an alert if it detects a sudden change in the temperature for a room, which might mean that a window or door has been left open while your AC is running, wasting energy so you can respond.

If you have temperature Sensors, but the control is still in % mode

We provide the option for you to control the air volume/flow for a zone in both % and degrees Celsius with AirTouch 5/4. If a wireless temperature sensor is installed for the zone and connected to AirTouch, a box will appear around the temperature or percentage. Tap the air volume %, or temperature to alternate between control of the airflow % of temperature.

Reconnect a disconnected temperature sensor

You may find your wireless sensors have disconnected due to the battery going flat. A normally lasts around 18 months. See our support article on Pairing and Replacing the Battery for temperature sensors.

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