Happy new year from AirTouch

Celebrate a Smart and Comfortable 2024 with AirTouch

Join us in welcoming a smarter, more comfortable 2024. Happy New Year from AirTouch, here’s to a year of innovation, comfort, and smart living!

As the calendar flips to 2024, we at AirTouch in Australia want extend our best New Year wishes to all our users and installers. Your support and trust in AirTouch have been invaluable, and we look forward to continuing this journey with you into the future. Let’s all make this year a little extra special and ask ourselves: Is 2024 the year we transform our homes into our own personal smart havens?

A perfect starting point is AirTouch 5, revolutionising how you control your home climate.

AirTouch 5: Your Gateway to a Smart Home

AirTouch isn’t just an air conditioning controller; it can be the very heart of your own personal smart home, offering unparalleled control over your living environment. Whether you’re building a new home or thinking of upgrading your air conditioning system, AirTouch 5 stands as the epitome of comfort, efficiency, and style.

A big highlight for the AirTouch team last year in 2023 was producing our new series of videos both to introduce AirTouch or provide great tutorials or attending some of the Home Shows in Sydney and Brisbane. We’ve also sponsored some amazing sporting talent with Kai Allen and Molly Bretag.

Unmatched Comfort & Efficiency with Zoning

Imagine having the power to control the climate in each room of your house. With AirTouch 5, you can focus on the rooms you’re using, enhancing comfort while conserving energy by not cooling or heating unoccupied spaces. This intelligent zoning capability is not just about comfort; it’s a smart way to save on energy bills. Find our more about Zoning, a simple and effective gateway for greater comfort or read up about our Energy Insights tools, a practical way to monitor and take advantage of this.

Tailored for Multi-Storey Living

Designed with a stunning, user-friendly interface, AirTouch 5 excels in multi-storey homes. Managing multiple ducted or VRF air conditioning systems becomes effortlessly simple. Whether you have one unit or up to 16, AirTouch 5 integrates them seamlessly, offering easy control over up to 16 separate zones in your home.

Intelligent Climate Control with Built-In AI

As well as being great for multi-level buildings, AirTouch 5’s built-in artificial intelligence takes home climate management to a new level. It not only adjusts temperatures and airflow for each room but also adapts your air conditioning based on the weather. Live comfortably without constantly tinkering with settings, becuase AirTouch knows exactly how to keep everyone comfy.

Geofencing for Smart Energy Management

Forget the days of worrying about an air conditioner left running. With geofencing, AirTouch 5 turns off when you leave and resumes as you return. It’s energy-saving made effortless.

Convenience at Your Fingertips

Wake up to the luxury of pre-warmed or cooled rooms by controlling your air conditioning from your phone or tablet. AirTouch 5 brings this convenience straight to your bedroom with app control.

Beyond Climate Control: A Smart Home Ecosystem

As a Google GMS device, AirTouch 5 is more than a climate controller. It’s your gateway to a smarter lifestyle. Create shared calendars, manage solar power, update playlists, or view security cameras, all from AirTouch 5’s intuitive interface.

Expand Your Smart Home with Zimi

With the addition of Zimi, AirTouch 5 evolves into a complete smart home ecosystem. Control lights, power points, and more, starting with just a few components and expanding as needed. Achieve total convenience and control with AirTouch 5 and Zimi.

Embrace the Future with AirTouch 5

This New Year, make a resolution to enhance your living experience. Embrace the fusion of comfort, energy savings, smart home integration, and style with AirTouch 5. It’s not just about controlling the air conditioning; it’s about redefining the way you live. So why wait? Find Your Installer. If you are a pro looking to get started with AirTouch, visit our Installer Portal for more info.

Wishing everyone all the best for 2024, lets make it a great year.

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