AirTouch Sponsor Molly Bretag shooting.

AirTouch is Proud to Sponsor South Australian Shooting Prodigy, Molly Bretag

AirTouch proudly backs Molly Bretag, South Australia’s rising shooting star with Olympic aspirations.

AirTouch is always on the lookout for passionate individuals who strive for greatness, set ambitious goals, and possess the dedication to achieve them. With that spirit, we’re incredibly excited to announce our sponsorship of young South Australian clay target shooting talent, Molly Bretag. So far, her sporting career has been a journey of determination and precision.

From Local SA Ranges

Molly has been actively involved in the shooting sport for nearly 8 years now. Her initiation into the discipline commenced at 12, South Australia’s legal age requirement for the sport. “Both of my parents have been involved for long periods of time, my father is a foundation member of the Monarto Clay Target Club and has been President of the club for 14 years. My mother has also been involved for quite a long time, running the club’s canteen and being treasurer,” Molly says, “Therefore, most of my weekends were spent at the gun club…After a while, I got interested in the sport and at the age of 12 I started competing and have loved it ever since.”

Molly’s early years were dedicated to the Down the Line discipline, a popular choice in Australia. This format involves targets that move at speeds of around 60kmph, covering distances of approximately 48m, and shifting 22 degrees to either side of the centre.

However, Molly’s relentless pursuit of challenge led her try the Olympic Trap discipline two years ago. Here, targets jet across the range at a whopping 100kmph, spanning 75-80 meters and swinging 45 degrees on either side of the centre. The heightened difficulty of this discipline underscores Molly’s ambition and love for the sport.

A Glimpse of What’s Ahead

Molly has charted an aggressive schedule for the upcoming year:

  • National ISSF Championships: in Brisbane Slated for January 2024.
  • New Zealand National Championships: In early February 2024, Molly will be representing Australia in the Junior Team.
  • Domestic Selection Events: Molly will be competing in these, spread across various locations, eyeing qualification for the 2024 World Cups, World Championships, and the much coveted Paris 2024 Olympics.
  • 2024 Junior World Championships in Lima, Peru: Another feather Molly aims to add to her cap.

She is also keen on exploring and participating in other international events she qualifies for during this period and is always aiming for more.

Diving Deep into ISSF Trap

For Molly’s words, “Olympic Trap is the pinnacle of Clay Target Shooting sports, as I find its one of the most challenging, demanding and mentally exhausting disciplines of shooting. There are 15 traps within the ‘Trap house/bunker’ and 3 are allocated on each of the 5 stations that you shoot from.”

“I love the simple satisfaction of breaking clay targets. Period. I also love the people and travel that is combined with the sport,” says Molly. She relishes the camaraderie the sport fosters, the opportunity to travel, and the mental and physical demands of the sport.

For Molly, she enjoys that Clay Target shooting is an inclusive sport “I also like that the sport is accommodating for both males and females, young and old (from the age of 12 to 90) and the ability to accommodate for people with specific disabilities”

Aiming for the Stars

Molly’s ultimate dream? Winning an Olympic Gold. A testament to her lofty aspirations, this dream is the pinnacle of sports achievement, and we’re thrilled to support her on this quest. “I would love to win an Olympic Games one day… This is an obvious choice, but it is the pinnacle of each sport and being the number 1 in the world, is something I do aspire to achieve.”

Join us as we cheer on Molly Bretag, a young talent set to leave a mark on the shooting world. We’re honoured to be part of her journey and are eager to witness all the milestones she’s bound to achieve!

3 Responses

  1. To a wonderful young lady, best wishes Molly in your endeavors to reach the top. You can do it girl, follow your dreams.

  2. 🎯 Molly Bretag: A Rising Star in ISSF Trap Shooting! 🌟
    Dear Airtouch Sponsorship Team,
    As someone that has competed at State, National and International levels it is exciting to see up and coming talent!! Molly Bretag, is a remarkable young talent and making waves in the world of ISSF Trap shooting. As an athlete, Molly has already triumphed at state, national, and international levels, Molly embodies dedication, precision, and unwavering passion for her sport and is poised for an extraordinary future………and here’s why:
    1. National ISSF Championships (Brisbane, January 2024):
    o Molly secured an impressive 4th place in the fiercely competitive National ISSF Championships. Her performance showcased not only her skill but also her ability to thrive under pressure.
    2. New Zealand National Championships (NZ, February 2024):
    o Remarkably, Molly competed as a junior and emerged as the overall champion! Her victory in New Zealand speaks volumes about her talent and determination.
    3. Domestic Selection Events:
    o Molly is gearing up for a series of domestic selection events. These competitions, held across various locations, serve as her pathway to the grand stage.
    o Her eyes are firmly set on qualifying for the 2024 World Cups, the prestigious World Championships, and the ultimate dream—the Paris 2024 Olympics.
    4. Junior World Championships (Lima, Peru):
    o Molly’s current focus is on securing a spot in the 2024 Junior World Championships. Lima, Peru, awaits her, and she’s ready to give it her all.
    Why Molly? Molly’s dedication extends beyond the shooting range. She embodies sportsmanship, resilience, and a hunger for excellence. Her journey is one of relentless pursuit—a journey that aligns perfectly with Airtouch’s commitment to supporting rising stars.
    As her sponsor, you are a part of Molly’s ascent, your brand associated with her victories, her unwavering spirit, and her pursuit of sporting excellence. Molly Bretag isn’t just a shooter; she’s a force to be reckoned with—a future champion in the making.
    Airtouch, thank you for investing in Molly’s journey. Let’s fuel her dreams, celebrate her victories, and witness her rise to the top, creating a legacy—one shot at a time.
    🌟 Go, Molly! Go, Airtouch! 🌟
    Sincerely, A Supporter Inspired by Molly’s Talent and determination.

  3. As a new member to the Monato club and sport I have been exstreamly proud and delighted to meet Molly, watch her in action and follow her success. She is exstreamly professional, enthusiastic, passionate and an outstanding ambassador for the sport. She is also always willing to encourage others and offer help and advice . Very many thanks to Airtouch for supporting Molly on her journey to the stars.

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