Setup smart set points and child lock for air conditioning.

Why you Should try AirTouch 5 Home Temperature Limits, explained by Jenny

Dive into energy savings and reclaim control over your home’s comfort with Jenny’s insightful new video on utilising AirTouch 5’s Temperature Set Point limits, stopping those playful adjustments that lead to unexpected temperature extremes.

Ever come home to find the AC blaring at full blast in the dead of winter? Or maybe your kids decided it was time to turn your home into a tropical paradise during an already warm summer day? Well, you’re not alone! Jenny’s latest video sheds light on an essential feature for all those who want to prevent such chilly or balmy surprises, and of course, for those who are keen to save both money and the environment.

Why Set Point Limits?

In her newest video, Jenny dives deep into the benefits of Home Temperature Set Point limits. Not only do they help conserve energy, but they also ensure that your home remains within a comfortable temperature range. No more stepping into an accidental sauna or an unexpected ice palace!

How it Works

Have you got kids you want to prevent adjusting the air conditioning? Well with the AirTouch 5, you’ve got the power! Just hit play and let Jenny show you just how easy it is to set up. In a jiffy, you can enter the Quick Menu, pick Smarts, choose Home Temperature Limits, set your ideal range for both summer and winter, and it is done! No more temperature roller coasters.

Imagine you’ve spent a day out shopping, and while you’re expecting to return to a cool, refreshing home, you’re greeted with a blast of heat because someone thought “summer should feel like summer inside as well as outside!” Or perhaps you have a teenager who’s just finished watching a documentary on Antarctica and now wants to recreate the freezing conditions in your living room in the middle of winter. With AirTouch 5’s set point limits, these fun (albeit uncomfortable) surprises can be avoided. Kids might be kings and queens of imagination, but with this feature, you’ll remain in charge of the temperature in your house!

Beyond the evident energy savings and the joy of a consistent home temperature, there’s a peace of mind knowing that even if you’re not around, your home won’t transform into the Sahara Desert or the Arctic Tundra. Plus, let’s face it, who wants a high energy bill unnecessarily?

So, whether you’re looking to save on energy, keep your home at a consistent comfortable level, or merely prevent your little scientists from turning your living space into a lab experiment, the AirTouch 5 has got you covered.

Remember, a comfortable home is a happy home!

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