Welcome to Summer with AirTouch 5

See how you can save on energy use when you are cooling your house this summer.

Want to review your energy use on your home cooling this summer? AirTouch 5’s Insights feature is your new friend to help you with this. On the touch screen on your wall, or with the app, you can see how you have used, and spent money on energy running your home air conditioning compared to the local weather. Welcome to an insightful, and comfortable summer this year!

With features like this, you can review a calendar of any of the summer months and see how your family used your system verses the weather.

But what is really great is that it is now possible to see your AC runtime right down to the zone of your house, so you can identify and isolate any areas of wastage.

Shoot for the Stars

The app on your phone can calculate an AirTouch Energy Star Rating so you can see how efficient you may be being with your home climate control.

After owning AirTouch 5 for a while, it will be able to help with a forecast of your runtime/energy use for the month based on your past usage.

AirTouch 5 can become your new, clever friend to help make you more comfortable and stay informed about how you are using energy on your home AC. You can aim for more comfort, and efficiency.

Learn more about AirTouch Energy Insights.

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Everyone wants the perfect temperature in the home or office, yet still with some climate control systems and hardware it may not be achieved. We like to think that AirTouch 5 has broken new ground with its Intelligent Temperature Sensor (ITS) technology, redesigned in 2022, for more precise control of the temperature in each room, or zone, of a building.
The Sleep Mode feature available with AirTouch 5 and AirTouch 2 Plus will help you have a comfortable night sleep during a hot summer and save energy.