Solving Error Codes such as FFFF, FFFE and FFFC and others

My AirTouch is showing an error code. What do I need to do to solve this problem?

If there is a problem with AirTouch or your AC installation, AirTouch will display an error code to help you identify the problem, and know what action to take for a solution. AirTouch can display its own specific error codes to do with your smart controller and zoning, or to do with your ducted air conditioning unit itself by showing the AC manufacturer unit error codes.

My AirTouch is showing error code FFFF, FFFE or FFFC

You may just need to reset your AC System’s Power

Your air conditioning unit may not be powered. Check the isolator switch next to your outside fan unit is switched ON. Also, check that the AC circuit in your electrical switchboard is switched ON. Consult an electrician or AC installer if you need help with this.

It could be a wiring issue

If this does not solve the problem, it may be because of a wiring issue between AirTouch and your ducted AC unit that needs fixing or incorrect dip switch settings on the unit gateway that links AirTouch to your AC unit. Consult your AC installer.

Your AC Installer will need to check the wiring, and dip switch settings on the AC unit gateway.

Your AC Installer can find the wiring diagrams, and necessary dip switch settings in the installer manuals.

My AirTouch is showing a different error code

This sounds like AirTouch is showing a fault code to do with your AC unit itself. In this case, consult your AC installer, or manufacturer’s support centre for further assistance.

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  1. Hi, I have had a Airtouch 4 Installed, module/software version says it’s a 4 but the with a Airtouch 5 monitor/touchpad, it’s displaying a P on top of the power button on the display. Can you please advise what the P stands for, and why didn’t they install 5 software. What would it cost to upgrade to 5 module/software cheers

  2. Hi I keep getting error code 2002 on my phone when trying to log in the air app to log in air con at home do you know what this means?

    1. Hi Andrea, you may need to update the wall console software to the latest version, and download the latest app update onto your phone. Is there a red dot in the top corner of your wall panel screen? If so, enter the Quick Menu and select Settings, then Update. If you need any further help, please visit our Support Centre and we can help.

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