Setup Smart Weather Adaption with AirTouch 5

Get started with the Weather Adaption feature to help save energy on the air conditioning with AirTouch 5.

Setup Smart Weather Adaption with your AirTouch 5 to adjust your air conditioning with the weather. Now, you can enjoy even more energy savings with the air conditioning by avoiding wastage by automatically not running it when you don’t need to, and enjoy more comfort at home. AirTouch offers different options for air conditioning weather adaption.

Save Energy on the Air Conditioning with Smart Weather Adaption

  1. Open the Quick Menu
  2. Tap Settings
  3. Tap Smarts
  4. Tap Weather Adaption

Weather Adaption can automatically adjust or turn off your AC wth the weather to help save energy.

To activate this feature, just tap Weather Adaption Enabled to turn off the AC if the weather cools down below your set point (in Cool Mode) or rises above it (in Heat Mode).

Advanced Weather Adaption takes this a step further, where AirTouch 5 will automatically adjust the set point instead of turning the whole system ON or OFF.

Use the Temperature Differential to set your tolerance level for the AC Set Point to be automatically increased (Cool Mode) or decreased (Heat Mode) as the weather changes.

Set your Comfort Temperature to ensure AirTouch does not change temperatures to an unwanted level you may find uncomfortable.

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