Read all about AirTouch in Grand Designs Australia Magazines

Have you seen some of the latest printed content for AirTouch in a great series of glossy home builder magazines?

Have you picked up some of the more recent issues of Grand Designs Australia magazine or the Building Guide? How about some of the recent or current volumes of Home Design magazine? In them you’ll find some beautiful product shots of AirTouch in use and great articles about it’s benefits, along with all the other great renovation, building and more products to help add value to your home and lifestyle.

Showcasing some of our latest product shots, features and benefits for homeowners, we have been working with the publishers of a great series of magazines for home builders and renovators to show readers how their smart home can start with AirTouch becoming a part of their home lifestyle.

Grand Designs Australia magazine tells the stories of new homes and perhaps more importantly the people who are building them.

If you’re interested in renovating, building and decorating and want information from a team of industry experts in lighting, climate control, flooring, interiors, colour, sustainable design and so much more, give the Grand Designs Australia magazine a try.

The magazines are an exciting venture into the home design and renovation market. Each issue features houses comprised of a diversity of styles and budgets as well as some; some will be new builds, others conversions or renovations. Each will showcase the project from concept to completion and will demonstrate how the architect or designer, builder and homeowner worked together.

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Now we are into the winter months in Australia, let’s check out how smart climate control can keep you cosy. With a climate as diverse as Australia’s, it is good to know that AirTouch is just as clever in winter as it is in summer.