Understanding ITS technology, 3d diagram.

New, Smarter Intelligent Temperature Sensor Technology

Clever updated temperature sensors with AirTouch 5.

Everyone wants the perfect temperature in the home or office, yet still with some climate control systems and hardware it may not be achieved. We like to think that AirTouch 5 has broken new ground with its Intelligent Temperature Sensor (ITS) technology, redesigned in 2022, for more precise control of the temperature in each room, or zone, of a building. It isn’t just the physical sensor, but the software managing them on the console that has had an upgrade.

“Experienced air conditioning installers know that with most ducted reverse cycle controllers the unit’s single temperature sensor is in just 1 location, so it is impossible for the system to monitor temperatures throughout the entire building,” says Adam Connell at Polyaire and AirTouch, “With the option to add on wireless Intelligent Temperature Sensors, AirTouch 5 helps solve this.”

AirTouch 5 is the latest in smart controllers for ducted reverse cycle systems, offering a stunningly designed user interface to control up to 16 ducted or VRF units plus 16 zones. With the add on option for a wireless temperature sensor in each zone, AirTouch offers the ultimate in comfort control. The wireless Intelligent Temperature Sensors let users have a set point for each zone individually instead of a single set point for the entire building.

They also monitor and provide AirTouch with real time feedback about the temperatures in each zone, so the system can respond and smooth out fluctuations in temperature. “This keeps everyone more comfortable,” says Adam “but also, means that AirTouch can be more precise about which zone it sends conditioned air into, it helps save on the home power bill because it doesn’t send conditioned air to parts of the house that don’t need it.”

Another first is that they let AirTouch 5 give energy wastage alerts to users. “If a door or window is suddenly left open on a summer’s day, the sudden rise in temperature gets detected and AirTouch sends an alert to the homeowner so they can check it out. It is useful,” says Adam, “because no one likes wasting energy running the air conditioning with a window or door open.”

AirTouch 5’s wireless temperature sensors are easy for the installer to add on, and pair wirelessly to the AirTouch controller with a battery that can last up to 2 years and is user replaceable. “Setup is quick, and a batch of sensors can be paired in minutes, and then attached to the wall,” says Adam. “No need to run any extra cabling.”

For an installer, AirTouch 5 is easy to commission and replace the AC unit’s controller. It then works with Polyaire’s 24V dampers to regulate air flow. The new ITS sensors redesigned in 2022, are an easy add on to increase the value of the ducted installation for more control, comfort, and savings. Find out more about the new sensors.

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