Kai Allen Shines at Bathurst with AirTouch’s Proud Support

Dive into the exhilarating world of motorsport as we celebrate Kai Allen’s recent achievements at Bathurst, proudly backed by the steadfast support of AirTouch.

One of the thrilling motorsport events recently unfolded in Bathurst, and if you were eagle-eyed, you might have caught the distinctive AirTouch logo proudly emblazoned on the bonnet of young talent Kai Allen’s car. Yes, AirTouch is immensely proud to sponsor and support Kai Allen, a rising star in the motorsport arena. “Unreal experience to do my first Super Car qualifying at Bathurst,” said Kai.

Kai Allen has always shown promise and dedication on the race track, and this time, he’s grabbed headlines again, triumphing in the Dunlop Series finale at Bathurst. This win was particularly special as Allen benefitted from a penalty to his Super2 title rival, Zak Best. While Best finished the race 4.1023s ahead, a false start penalty turned the tables, giving Allen a thrilling victory by a margin of just 0.8977s.

It’s not just another win for Allen; it’s his second Super2 victory this season. And for those who have been following his trajectory closely, this reminds us of his previous win in Townsville.

Sharing his feelings on the day, Allen remarked, “It was a full-on race, there was lots going on.” He candidly added about the unexpected turn of events, “I didn’t get a very good start, but I knew Zak was on the verge of getting a penalty… It’s an unreal result, I’m so thankful for the team.”

But the race wasn’t without its heartbreak. AIM Motorsport driver Zane Morse seemed poised for a win. He was in a strong position until, unfortunately, he ran out of fuel with just two laps remaining.

Another point of interest was Cameron McLeod clinching the Super3 honours, finishing 11th overall. And Mason Kelly, the offspring of the 2005 Bathurst champion Todd, secured the second position in class.

As we eagerly await the conclusion of the 2023 Dunlop Series at the VAILO Adelaide 500, slated for November 23-26, it’s definitely evident that Kai Allen is a force to be reckoned with.

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