Kai Allen, Australian Boy Wonder of Motorsports

We are so proud to be sponsoring Kai Allen, and reckon he has a bright future. What is is background and career so far?

As a part of giving back, AirTouch is bringing in the heavy artillery, sponsoring the latest sensation in Australian Motorsports, Kai Allen. So, let’s buckle up and understand what fuels the boy wonder’s acceleration to stardom and his meteoric rise from Go-Kart Tracks in rural South Australia to V8 Supercars.

Born in the serene landscapes of Mount Gambier, South Australia, young Kai’s journey to the racetrack began far away from the deafening roars of racing cars.

Despite hailing from this quaint region, Kai’s driving ambitions know no limits. Before he could obtain his road licence, Kai Allen was already outpacing professional racers in the Super3 Series circuit.

Now in his late teens, Kai is prepping up to pilot a V8 Supercar in the iconic Bathurst 1000, one of the most significant racing events down under. His dreams, fostered by nostalgic moments of watching Bathurst with his dad, have come full circle. “My dream was always Supercars, and I’m just so excited to have the opportunity to take on the mountain,” Allen reminisces.

Transition from Karts to Cars

Kai’s switch from karts to cars was anything but conventional. At 14, he was already navigating the tracks in Excels, escalating to the Toyota 86 Series by 15. With Paul Morris mentoring him, the Gold Coast became his new playground.

From here, his drive was unstoppable. Eggleston Motorsport recognised his prowess, bringing him into the Super3 Series fold. Here, he etched his name in history by clinching a record 11 out of 12 pole positions. Tying the record for the most race and round wins in a single season was another feather in his cap.

Supercars: A New Beast to Tame

“There’re a different beast, the Supercars,” says Allen. The young prodigy is eager to learn and adapt to the Supercar’s unique dynamics, especially the grip difference. The Gen3 Mustang awaits him, with only three test days to adapt. But that’s not going to slow him down. With rigorous training on his home simulator and with his new team, Kai is gearing up to take the racing world by storm.

A Balance of Racing and Reality

Kai’s story isn’t just about the speed and thrill of the racetrack. It’s also filled with humorous intersections of his racing life and everyday life.

Winning professional events while still underaged to drive legally on roads offers a chucklesome memory for Kai, “When I sat for my L’s it was pretty funny. I had to watch the speedometer a bit more!”

Sporting Genes Run in the Family

The Allen family is no stranger to the sports spotlight. With both of Kai’s elder sisters being elite netballers, the competitive streak is clearly genetic. The sacrifices of his parents haven’t gone unnoticed by Kai, underlining the foundation upon which his dreams have been built.

Currently, Kai is burning rubber for Eggleston Motorsport in the 2023 Dunlop Super 2 Series. Fresh off being crowned the youngest ever Super 2 round winner at the 150th Milestone round in Townsville, Kai’s future shines bright. His past glories in 2022’s Dunlop Super 3 series and numerous karting accolades further vouch for his prodigious talent.

From the go-kart tracks of Mount Gambier to the buzzing circuits of the V8 Supercars, Kai Allen’s journey is a testament to raw talent, unwavering dedication, and the support of family. As AirTouch sponsors this rising star, the motorsports fraternity and fans eagerly await to see how high Kai Allen will raise the bar.

Don’t forget to follow Kai on Facebook for more news and give him support.

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