2022 AC Installer Webinar Rescheduled

The next installer training webinar has been rescheduled.

We’ve rescheduled this webinar to December 7th. If you have previously registered, we’ll send you an updated link, or feel free to register for the new date. If you are an installer wanting to get up to speed with the latest features for AirTouch 5, as well as find out more about installation, then this is the session for you. Signing up is easy online. Topics covered will include commissioning and physical installation to the unit and zone dampers, onscreen setup with zone balancing and pairing the new ITS temperature sensors.

All presented by our in house expert, Chris Davenport.

New Date: December 7 2022

Time: 2pm AEST (Queensland Time)

What We’ll Cover

We’ll take you through the latest upgrades to AirTouch 5, some of our unique features and what sets it apart as Australia’s smartest air conditioning controller.

We look forward to seeing you there, let us know if there are any specific topics you’d like us to cover.

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Want to review your energy use on your home cooling this summer? AirTouch 5’s Insights feature is your new friend to help you with this. On the touch screen on your wall, or with the app, you can see how you have used, and spent money on energy running your home air conditioning compared to the local weather.
The Sleep Mode feature available with AirTouch 5 and AirTouch 2 Plus will help you have a comfortable night sleep during a hot summer and save energy.
When you upgrade to AirTouch 5, you can have geofencing control of your home air conditioning, to have it turn On or Off for you automatically as you head to and from home.