Jenny’s introduction to the AirTouch 5 Energy Stars

Jenny shows you how to unlock a smarter, greener future for your home with the revolutionary AirTouch 5, where every energy star earned is a step towards optimal comfort and sustainability.

Here’s a great new summery video on how to strive for what we like to call 5 star efficiency with your home air conditioning. With Jenny’s engaging and straightforward explanations, you’ll quickly understand how the AirTouch energy stars can correlate with savings. Looking for a 5 out of 5 rating? That’s the pinnacle. And with her expert tips, you’ll be well on your way to achieving that in no time.

If you’re eager to jump in and explore the ins and outs of the AirTouch 5 and its features to help you strive toward more efficiency, Jenny’s video tutorial is the perfect starting point. Packed with practical advice, demonstrations, and a sprinkle of her rather characteristic wit, it’s both educational and entertaining.

One of the key takeaways from Jenny’s video is her emphasis on making the most of AirTouch 5’s cutting edge features to help boost your rating which you track in the app on your iOS or Android device:

Geofencing: No more wastage when you’re not home. With geofencing, your AirTouch 5 can detect when you’re away and adjust the home temperature accordingly or turn on and off automatically.

Weather Adaptation: This isn’t your regular kind of thermostat. AirTouch 5 adapts according to the prevailing weather conditions, ensuring optimal temperature and energy use.

Energy Wastage Alerts: The AirTouch App is not just a passive remote; it’s an active assistant, always available and with you. Should there be any wastage, you’ll receive an immediate alert on your smartphone.

Why AirTouch 5 is a Game Changer

It’s not just about saving money (though that’s an important perk!), it’s about embracing a sustainable lifestyle and reducing our collective carbon footprint. Every star you earn is a step towards a greener earth.

Beyond the environmental impact, the AirTouch 5 promotes an even cleverer way of living. No longer do you need to guess or manually adjust your thermostat in hopes of achieving the perfect temperature. Now, with real time data and intelligent features right at your fingertips, you’re empowered to make informed decisions about your home’s energy use for your heating and cooling.

AirTouch Energy Star Rating is calculated by our own algorithm, and is a user interface feature of the AirTouch 5 smart air conditioning controller, unrelated to any other energy star rating systems, publications or organisations.

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