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Is AirTouch compatible with my Air Conditioning?

AirTouch works with most ducted ACs. We’ve made it easy to see if AirTouch is compatible with yours.

The answer is a resounding yes for most users. Also, if you are building a new house, your AirTouch can be added to your new ducted, or VRF air conditioner when it is being installed, as well as retrofitted later on. AirTouch is designed to integrate seamlessly with a wide array of ducted air conditioning systems from leading brands, making it a versatile choice for those looking to upgrade their home’s cooling and heating systems.

Compatibility with Leading Brands

AirTouch stands out for its compatibility with an extensive and ever-expanding list of ducted air conditioners from well-known and trusted brands in the industry. So if you are budling a new home, ask your installer to add AirTouch to your new ducted AC system.

As a general rule, we can work with new AC units as well as those that have been installed in your home your several years. We recommend finding an air conditioning installer and asking for their evaluation.

Easiest way to Find Out Online

Visit our Compatible Systems page and search by your AC model indoor unit number. This is a growing list, if you don’t find your model number, send us an enquiry.

Finding out if AirTouch is compatible with your air conditioning.

Whether your system is a recent model or one that has been efficiently cooling or warming your home for years, there’s a good chance AirTouch can work with it. This wide-ranging compatibility ensures that most homeowners can enjoy the convenience and efficiency of AirTouch without the need to replace their existing air conditioning units.

If you have a ZoneMaster

Good news if you have a ZoneMaster system as AirTouch connects to the standard 24 volt Polyaire dampers as well.

Easy for Installers to get the wiring details

For Air Conditioning installers, we make things easy for you to check compatibility and find the necessary wiring diagrams and unit gateway configuration details for the system you are installing with our ProZone resource hub.

The AirTouch ProZone is a dedicated platform that amongst over benefits for installers, provides access to wiring diagrams for AirTouch to be connected to a wide range of ACs. By offering detailed information and guidance, the AirTouch ProZone helps installers navigate the specifics of integrating AirTouch with different units, making it easier to provide homeowners with a smart, efficient, and reliable climate control solution.

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