Find the AC unit gateway you need to install an AirTouch.

Introducing the Gateway Search tool for Installers

Unlock unparalleled efficiency in your installation process with Polyaire and AirTouch’s brand new Gateway Search Database.

We understand that for installers, time is always of the essence when working on a job site. The quicker and easier you can access the right information, the faster you can get the job done and move on to the next one. Polyaire and AirTouch are here to ensure that your work isn’t held back by tedious searches for required information. We know it is all about making things easy for the professionals who keep our spaces comfortable.

So, we are delighted to introduce the AirTouch Gateway Search Database, a handy solution tailored just for your needs that you can access from the Installer Hub.

Why the AirTouch Gateway Search Database?

Make Model Specific Searches: No more sifting through endless lists or booklets. Input the indoor model number of the air conditioning unit you’re installing, and it is there! Instantly get the gateway board details you need.

Tailored Instructions: The AirTouch Gateway Search Database provides specific guidelines for integrating AirTouch into the brand and model number you’re commissioning.

Download the Latest Wiring Diagrams: Our database ensures you’re always equipped with the latest version of the required wiring diagram.

Built with Installers in Mind

We recognise that when you’re out on a job site, complications aren’t wanted. AirTouch and Polyaire believe in empowering our customers with tools that simplify tasks. Our new database is a testament to that commitment.

Have you visited the Installer Hub?

Welcome to the AirTouch Installer Hub, the ultimate resource centre designed specifically for AirTouch installers like you! Recognising the intricate demands of the installation world, we’ve centralised all the essential technical data you might require, to have it right at your fingertips.

But that’s not all; beyond just data, the hub offers direct access to Polyaire’s team of seasoned experts. Whether you have a sales query or a technical conundrum, our specialists are just a click away, ready to provide 1 on 1 tailored support. Dive into a seamless experience where expertise meets convenience, all curated to empower you.

In the bustling world of building and installs, time-saving resources can be a real bonus. With the AirTouch Gateway Search Database, Polyaire and AirTouch have your back. It’s not just about providing tools, but about understanding the intricacies of your day-to-day challenges and offering solutions that make a genuine difference.

Dive in and explore the AirTouch Gateway Search Database now.

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