How to Rename your Zones with AirTouch 5

See how to rename your zones on AirTouch 5. Zones that you rename are synced over to the AirTouch app automatically.

Make AirTouch yours by giving each zone a unique name. There is no need to live with zones being called ‘Zone 1’, ‘Zone 2’, ‘Zone 3; etc because you can personalise the name of every zone on the touchscreen wall controller to suit you, or though the AirTouch app. All changes you make stay in sync on the wall console and app.

  1. Open the Quick Menu
  2. Tap the Zones button on the left hand side
  3. To make it easy, you can select a pre-entered name from the list for each zone
  4. Or Just tap the text box, and enter your own.

Enjoy your personalised AirTouch 5 with zones named for your home.

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Everyone wants the perfect temperature in the home or office, yet still with some climate control systems and hardware it may not be achieved. We like to think that AirTouch 5 has broken new ground with its Intelligent Temperature Sensor (ITS) technology, redesigned in 2022, for more precise control of the temperature in each room, or zone, of a building.
Want to review your energy use on your home cooling this summer? AirTouch 5’s Insights feature is your new friend to help you with this. On the touch screen on your wall, or with the app, you can see how you have used, and spent money on energy running your home air conditioning compared to the local weather.