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Recently, the team behind AirTouch, with a dedicated production crew in tow, unveiled a series of promotional and instructional videos showcasing the AirTouch 5’s top-tier features. These videos, hosted by the delightful Jenny, offer a comprehensive product tour, highlighting all the benefits tailored for Australian homes, wherever they may be across our geographic region with its diverse weather conditions.

So, who is Jenny, and why is she the face of AirTouch 5? Jenny isn’t just any presenter; she embodies the every-day user: intuitive, curious, and eager to make the best out of her home environment.

See how she enjoys her home living with the AirTouch system. With a natural flair for breaking down technical concepts, Jenny guides you through every nuance of AirTouch 5, ensuring that you grasp the full extent of what this smart device has in store for you, and your home comfort.

If you are keen to learn more about how to use your AirTouch 5, these videos have you covered. Enjoy a tour through AirTouch 5 and the benefits you can experience during each season, no matter your lifestyle. Jenny can take you through how to setup Geofencing with the app around your home, use weather adaption, or setup a timer sequence around how you and your family come and go at home and other aspects.

Energy conscious users will particularly cherish the insights into leveraging the AirTouch 5 for energy savings and track how they are going.

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While we’re buzzing with excitement about this new offering, we’re equally eager to hear from you.

Let us know what you think on here or YouTube and discover how AirTouch 5 is recalibrating the benchmarks of smart home comfort, one feature at a time.

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