Understanding Google GMS.

Did you know that AirTouch 5 is a Google GMS Certified Device?

What does GMS Certification mean for you when it comes to smart home products?

In the vast world of smartphones and smart devices, there’s a hidden force that ensures seamless app experiences and compatibility across different devices. It’s called Google GMS certification, and it plays a role in the reliability and performance of a lot of our favourite home gadgets. But what exactly is GMS certification, and why do we think it is important in a smart AC controller?

GMS stands for Google Mobile Services

When a device receives GMS certification, it means that it has passed a series of tests and meets Google’s quality standards. These tests cover various aspects, including app compatibility, performance, security, and data privacy. By adhering to these standards, GMS certified devices can offer a seamless experience for users.

What does GMS certification entail?

To achieve certification, a device needs to demonstrate compatibility with Google’s core apps, ensuring that users can access and use them easily. This compatibility extends to Google Play Services, which serves as a framework for developers to build and integrate their apps.

Additionally, GMS certified devices must meet specific performance standards set by Google. This ensures that the device operates smoothly, providing a responsive and reliable user experience.

Data privacy and security are also key considerations for having GMS certification. A significant importance is placed on protecting user information, and devices seeking certification must meet strict privacy and security requirements.

The benefits of GMS certification extend beyond the individual device. App developers also benefit from the certification process, as it ensures that their apps will run smoothly and reliably across a wide range of certified devices. This compatibility reduces fragmentation within the Android ecosystem, allowing developers to reach a larger audience without worrying about device-specific issues.

We believe this is important for AirTouch 5

Now that we understand what GMS certification is and why it’s important, let’s highlight that our flagship controller has earned this certification: AirTouch 5. This smart home climate control system runs on a custom Android panel and is designed to integrate seamlessly with Google’s suite of apps and services.

With GMS certification, the AirTouch 5 can offer you a great all round and reliable smart home experience. AirTouch’s core purpose is smart air conditioning, and to deliver more comfort, control and energy efficiency with your home climate control. Designed to make air conditioning more comfortable and fun to control, we wanted to provide leading edge technology to achieve this and be the ultimate smart home companion. GMS certification is an important stamp of approval to help ensure quality, compatibility and more with AirTouch 5 being an Android device.

All specifications and features are subject to change without notice. AirTouch may run on an Android operating system version that may affect the functionality of various apps. Users should check compatibility before use. AirTouch is unable to warrant functionality of 3rd party apps.

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