Brisbane home show sign.

Building Your Dream Home in Brisbane? Don’t miss the Home Show!

In Brisbane for the Home Show this Weekend? We’ll be there!

When you’re building a new home, every detail counts, from the foundation to the roofing tiles. Especially for those in the heart of Queensland and Brisbane, where the climate varies and the seasons can be quite different. But have you ever thought of the comfort that comes from inside your home? The cooling on a hot summer day, the warmth during a chilly evening, or the convenience of controlling your home’s climate at your fingertips?

If these thoughts resonate with you, then The Brisbane Home Show should be your next stop!

  • Date: Friday 8th September – Sunday 10th September
  • Time: 9 am – 5 pm
  • Entry: Absolutely Free!

Let us know if there is anything that you want us to chat to you about ahead of time here:

As you embark on this exciting journey of creating your haven, have you considered integrating air conditioning? Or perhaps, taking that first monumental leap into turning your house into a smart home Now is the time.

Discover AirTouch 5 at Booth D31

We are getting excited for the show. Come and see the future of home climate control, the AirTouch 5 at our stand. Proudly hailed as Australia’s smartest air conditioning controller, AirTouch 5 is the epitome of comfort, control, convenience, and energy savings.

Meet the Experts

Our dedicated team of smart home and air conditioning maestros will be on the ground, eager to showcase how AirTouch works its wonders. Whether you’re curious about its installation, functionalities, or its economical benefits, they’ve got you covered. Plus, they’re always up for a chat, and would absolutely love to meet you!

Immerse in the magic of AirTouch’s revolutionary technology. Control the climate of your home like never before. See for yourself how style meets functionality with AirTouch’s touch screen. Customize your comfort and ensure you’re only cooling or heating rooms as needed, significantly reducing costs.

We’ll be able to demo the app too: With the intuitive smartphone app, you’re always connected. Whether you’re on vacation or just away at work, manage your home’s climate effortlessly from anywhere.

Building a home is not just about walls and roofs. It’s about creating a sanctuary, a comfort zone for you and your loved ones. So, as you lay the bricks and choose the paint, remember to also consider the ambiance inside. Let AirTouch 5 play a part in making your house truly feel like home. See you at the Brisbane Home Show. Booth D31 awaits!

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