Building a new home, have you thought about automating it?

Upgrades you can add onto your new home to enjoy home automation.

When you are building a new home there is a lot to consider when it comes to selections. Flooring, paint colours, joinery for the kitchen, blinds, style of the doors, paving, the list can seem like it just keeps going on and on. But when it comes to air conditioning, lighting, power points and a few other components for the new home you are building, there are some upgrades you can ask for to get started with a solution for home automation and build an automated home to move into.

Air Conditioning Controllers that can Help Save Energy

Worry about ballooning power bills? Ever experience that niggling sense of culpability when thinking about your personal impact on the environment?

Ease your concerns and enjoy greater comfort, control and energy efficiency thanks to the AirTouch controllers.

Boasting both beauty and brains, AirTouch allows users to run their air conditioning when and where it’s needed via zoning. Zoning allows for different volumes of conditioned air in different areas of your home and lets you turn off air in areas you are not using. Zoning your new ducted air conditioning system will mean everyone can enjoy their own temperature and airflow, and you can save on costs to run it by turning off the airflow for rooms not in use. “You wouldn’t have just one light switch for the entire house,” a representative from AirTouch explains. “We believe that your air conditioning shouldn’t be any different.”

Take this further with wireless temperature sensors

Some members of the AirTouch range can work with add on wireless temperature sensors. With many air conditioning controllers, the temperature monitoring sensor is in just one location, but with AirTouch you can have the temperature sensor in multiple locations, giving your air conditioning controller real time feedback about temperatures throughout your home. The benefits of this from an energy savings point of view are that AirTouch will send heated or cooled air only to where it is needed, and won’t waste energy elsewhere, such as when one room suddenly changes temperature because the sun is hitting it or if a door or window is left open a little too long.

It also allows AirTouch to offer more comfort, as you can adjust the set point temperature for different zones individually.

Boosting the effectiveness of your home’s ducted air conditioner, user-friendly AirTouch controllers merge aesthetically pleasing touchscreen consoles with the latest in smart technology. Giving you app control over your home climate, AirTouch can also be activated using voice control with virtual assistant integration. All you have to do is speak to Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa.

In good news for those building a large sprawling abode, AirTouch allows you to control multiple air conditioning units.

Add on Smart Lighting with a Switch

You can do more with your lighting when you add on smart light switches/dimmers. Dimmer switches from the Zimi range let you do more with your regular light bulbs. No need to buy expensive WiFi bulbs, you can make your existing lights smart when you add on Zimi switches.

When they are a part of your new home, you can adjust light levels and set timers from the Zimi wall switches, AirTouch console, your phone or voice commands.

Clever multi-tap control lets you do more with your lights, such as a double tap of the switch for full brightness or triple tap for a timed fade that gently dims the light.

It is a synch to flick a switch. With Zimi you can control your lighting just like regular light switches. Sometimes, you or guests just need that easy control without having to reach for the phone or AirTouch console, so you have that extra layer of safety and don’t need to rely on the WiFi always being online.

Power Points that Help Monitor Energy Use

Something that is really useful about the Zimi Power Points is that they include LED indicator lights to let you know if a device is drawing a lot of electricity. This is taken a step further with the Zimi app, you can check to see how much electricity different devices plugged into power points are using, and assign a cost to them so you can track electricity usage and costs by power point, and work out how you may be able to save energy.

Behaviour Link is a Powerful Feature for your New Home

Zimi devices easily link together. With Behaviour Link any device can be controlled by any

multi-purpose switch. You can also assign multiple devices to one switch with Behaviour Link. No need to turn on multiple switches when you get home, just one press and you’re done.

Fitting with your décor

A great thing about the Zimi Light Switch, Power Points, and other parts of the range is that you can swap facias around to make them fit more with your style of décor in your new home build.

These are just some of the many ways you can start to add home automation technologies to your new home construction to build a smart home.

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