An Australian luxury house interior showcasing automated climate control with AirTouch.

A Luxury Australian Smart Home

Discovering Viewmoore: A Benchmark in Australian Smart Homes

Nestled on a hilltop in Wongawallan, Queensland, Viewmoore stands as a monumental testament to the seamless marriage of architectural excellence and smart home innovation. This luxurious estate, sprawling over 11 private acres, is not just a dwelling but a statement of sophisticated living, offering breathtaking views of the Gold Coast from the hillside. Constructed with more than a thousand tons of concrete, a steel frame, and the latest in technology to make living easier, more comfortable and efficient, Viewmoore transcends the traditional confines of luxury, setting the gold standard for home automation in Australian houses. Let’s explore this property some more.

The Heart of Viewmoore: AirTouch 5 Smart Air Conditioning

Part of Viewmoore’s allure is the AirTouch 5 system, a pinnacle of smart house climate control technology. This advanced system revolutionises the concept of home automation, providing unparalleled control over the home’s climate. With AirTouch 5, each corner of Viewmoore, from the expansive east to the serene west wings, can be individually tailored to achieve the perfect temperature conditions, exemplifying the ultimate in smart ducted air conditioning.

AirTouch console installed at Viewmoore for multiple zones, and East/West AC unit controls.

Full Control with App Integration

The integration of the AirTouch 5 system with its user-friendly app epitomises the convenience at the heart of useful smart home technology. Viewmoore’s residents enjoy the freedom to adjust their home’s climate from any global location, home, work, out and about or even overseas.

AirTouch app turning on 2 ducted AC units automatically on the drive home to Viewmoore.

This app control feature ensures that, whether returning from a trip or just a day out, the residents can always come back to a house that’s pre-conditioned to their comfort preference, showcasing the essence of a true Australian smart home where given our diverse climate, having a pleasant temperature inside is vitally important. It also keeps them informed about this, with features like home temperature alerts.

Aerial shot of Viewmoore, an Australian luxury smart home in Wongawallan Queensland.

Geofencing: Automation Meets Luxury

Viewmoore harnesses the innovative power of geofencing technology through the AirTouch 5 system. This feature automatically activates the ducted air conditioning as the homeowners approach, ensuring the interior ambiance is always inviting without them having to think about it. And when they head out, AirTouch and its geofencing tech never forgets to turn it off again for them, so this helps them avoid wasting energy. It helps the owners elevate their living experience, offering a seamless transition from the external environment to the comfort of home.

Intelligent Zoning and Temperature Sensors

The estate’s sophisticated climate system is further enhanced by Intelligent Zoning technology and ITS (Intelligent Temperature Sensors) with the AirTouch 5.

Example of AirTouch intelligent zoning technology with the temperature at 24 degrees in the kitchen at Viewmoore.

This allows for precise control over different areas within Viewmoore, ensuring every room is maintained at an ideal temperature.

Home theatre at Viewmoore, with the room chilled to 20 degrees celsius.

The ITS technology adapts to realtime conditions with wireless sensors, maintaining optimal comfort and energy efficiency. And, as an added bonus, all the family members get to enjoy their own favourite temperature in the room they are using.

AirTouch Intelligent Temperature Sensors monitoring and maintaining comfort at Viewmoore.

Weather Adaptation: A Climate-Smart Home

Viewmoore’s AC is equipped with weather adaptation technology via AirTouch 5, allowing it to adjust its settings in response to the external climate automatically. This ensures that the home remains a sanctuary of comfort, regardless of whatever the weather is outside. The AirTouch 5’s ability to react to weather changes underscores Viewmoore where technology and comfort are in perfect harmony.

AirTouch adapts the air conditioning settings to the weather as a part of the Viewmoore home automation technology.

Energy Monitoring: Efficiency and Sustainability

An essential feature for the residents of Viewmoore’s smart ducted AC system is its energy monitoring capability. This allows the homeowners to track and analyse their energy usage cooling or heating in real time, and helping to foster a more sustainable lifestyle.

By providing insights into energy consumption patterns, the AirTouch 5 system helps Viewmoore’s residents make informed decisions to optimise energy use, blending luxury living with environmental and energy efficiency consciousness.

Customisation and Voice Control

Viewmoore’s AirTouch 5 system offers an unprecedented level of customisation, with an interface that can be tailored to match any aesthetic preference with the themes feature.

Homeowners using the AirTouch themes feature to make the interface fit in with their decor.

The system’s integration with voice-controlled smart home assistants adds another layer of convenience, allowing residents to manage their home’s climate with simple voice commands.

Homeowner enjoying voice control of the smart home.

This feature highlights the evolving landscape of home automation, where personalisation and ease of use are paramount.

Viewmoore, Redefining Smart Home Living

Viewmoore stands as a beacon of innovation in the realm of Australian home automation. Through its integration of the AirTouch 5 smart air conditioning system, Viewmoore is not just a luxurious residence but a forward-thinking example of how smart house technology can enhance the quality of life. This is something is more accessible to more people than ever before, and only takes an enquiry with an installer to find out how easy it can be to get.

View of the Gold Cost from a hilltop house on Wongawallan drive in Queensland.

It exemplifies the future of automated houses, where luxury, efficiency, and sustainability converge to create the ultimate living experience. As this type of technology continues to evolve, Viewmoore remains at the forefront, and setting a benchmark for luxury living in Australia.

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