Smart VRF control for aged care facilities.

A Comprehensive Answer to Smart Climate Control in Aged Care Homes

Revolutionising Aged Care Comfort.

The aged care industry is witnessing a transformative integration of smart technology. One such revolution comes in the form of the AirTouch smart climate control system. Rapidly gaining favour in aged care homes across Australia and New Zealand, AirTouch stands out for its tailored approach to the unique needs of residents.

At its core, AirTouch offers personalised comfort. It can manage 16 VRF or ducted air conditioners concurrently, ensuring precision-tuned environments for every individual. The revolutionary Intelligent Temperature Sensor technology monitors room temperatures with wireless sensors. Any unexpected shifts trigger AirTouch to act swiftly, guaranteeing consistent comfort while emphasising energy efficiency.

Whether managing a quaint aged care residence or a vast facility, AirTouch integrates seamlessly. Its intuitive touchscreen interface ensures easy navigation for all. Further, integrations with platforms like Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa cater to residents with mobility challenges, providing a hands-free experience.

For caregivers, AirTouch is invaluable. Quick temperature adjustments via mobile controls mean they’re equipped to address any sudden needs of residents or climatic changes.

In design, AirTouch is versatile, compatible with both VRF and Ducted systems. Architects laud it not just for its functionality but also its aesthetic adaptability to a facility’s design vision.

In summary, AirTouch isn’t merely a technological addition for aged care homes. It’s a thoughtful solution to climate control, balancing personalised comfort, energy conservation, and aesthetic appeal, setting a new standard for aged care environments.

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