What is the difference between AirTouch and ZoneTouch?

Answering a common enquiry about our controllers.

A question we are often asked is what is the difference between the AirTouch range and the ZoneMaster or ZoneTouch range of controllers? In simple terms, ZoneMaster is a range of zone controllers to adjust the volumes of conditioned air going into different rooms or zones in your home, but they need to work alongside your current air conditioner control pad. AirTouch on the other hand is a fully integrated smart controller to control not only zones, but can monitor their temperatures and make fine adjustments to ensure your comfort, also give you full control of the air conditioning unit, the mode, temperature, fan speed, timer and more all from one sleek control pad and app on your portable devices.

Adjusting the Conditioned Air

ZoneMaster is Australia’s favourite zone controller, and makes you the master of the conditioned air volumes going into each room in your home.

Zoning is a common upgrade for air conditioning to turn on or off, or adjust the flow of conditioned air going into each room. We like to think of it like a light switch. You wouldn’t have 1 light switch for the entire house. That would be odd turning every light in the house on and off at once. We believe your air conditioning shouldn’t be any different, and with zoning technology, you are empowered to turn the airflow on and off for different rooms. Options for this are ZoneSwith, which turns the AC fully on or fully off as a physical switch panel, or ZoneTouch, a touch screen which lets you turn it on or off or adjust it in smaller increments for more refined control of comfort levels in different rooms.

Fully Integrated, Smart Control

AirTouch is our range of controllers to give you all in one control of the AC unit and your zoning. The interface on the wall panel or app gives you control of the AC unit mode, fan speed, temperature as well as your zones. You can also enjoy a range of options to set timers, program favourites and other features.

AirTouch 2 Plus

AirTouch 2 Plus gives you all of this with a 7” HD touch panel. Simple and clear design with an easy slider, our special Quick Timer, and airflow volume control in up to 16 zones.

AirTouch 5

AirTouch 5, with its 8” HD touch console takes this even further with Intelligent Temperature Sensor technology, and lets you set a different temperature for each room/zone when you add on the optional wireless sensors.

It is ideal for control of 1 or multiple air conditioners because it adapts its interface to suit, so it is great for double story homes.

With control of up to 16 ACs, it is you can also use it to control VRF systems.

AirTouch 5 takes your capabilities for smart control further with features like geofencing, and more advanced options for favourites and programs and can be a smaty hub for all your home comfort.

For the smart tech lovers, it is also a Google GMS certified device and you can install additional apps for all your favourite activities onto it.

And if you like to personalise everything in your home, our unique themes feature lets you do this.

AirTouch is Integrated with Zimi

Another standout benefit of AirTouch above the ZoneMaster range is that AirTouch natively works with Zimi so you can add on smart lighting, power points, fan controllers and other components to make home living even more automated and fun. 

You can manage your smart home from the wall console or the apps.

Safety Across the Range

All of our controllers feature Spill Zone, a function designed to prevent unwanted air pressure build up if you turn too many zones off at ones and leave your AC unit running. It is designed to prevent damage to your system.

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