Using the AirTouch 5 Favourites

Setting up Favourites with your AirTouch 5 to enjoy a single tap to your ideal climate control scenario.

Favourites make it easy to setup 1 tap for your ideal climate control scenario with AirTouch 5. Useful tool if you want to set a special ‘Working from Home’ Favourite or ‘Summer Weekend’ Favourite. It works by letting you save your preferred AC unit mode, fan speed, set point temperature as well as the conditioned air volumes or temperatures for each zone in your home. Favourites then appear in the Quick Menu on the AirTouch 5 Console, or in your AirTouch App and apply with a single tap.

To Setup a Favourite

  1. Tap the Quick Menu
  2. Select Favourites
  3. Select Add Favourite on the Right
  4. Give your Favourite a unique name, such as ‘School Night’
  5. Configure the Zones, and AC Unit settings to how you want
  6. Exit, and the Favourite will be automatically saved.

To Activate a Favourite

On the Console, just enter the Quick Menu and select it. On the App, you’ll find Favourites at the bottom of the Zones Screen.

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