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Ellton Air Conditioning, founded by Jacob Mitchell and Ben Embleton in mid 2021, is a Melbourne-based company specialising in heating, ventilating, and air conditioning services. With over ten years of experience in the field, Jacob and Ben, who started their journey in Northern Victoria, have established themselves as experts in the industry.

They have expertise with installing ducted air conditioning systems in homes across Melbourne, providing comfortable and efficient climate control solutions. In addition to ducted RC systems, they offer a variety of services including installation of high wall splits, evaporative coolers, Multi heads, Bulkhead units, and Cassettes.

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They also handle mechanical fit outs for various needs such as bathroom and toilet exhaust systems, kitchen rangehoods, plus car park or basement extraction systems.

While installation is their main focus, Ellton Air Conditioning also offers maintenance, service, and repair work.

They pride themselves on delivering high quality installs at fair prices, ensuring both top notch functionality and affordability. A notable aspect of their service is being proud installers of our AirTouch Smart WiFi air conditioning controller to enhance their offerings with advanced technology for modern homes.

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