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Smart Energy Management

There are lots of ways to save on energy use with your climate control, but AirTouch offers you 5 Key Smart Energy Management features designed to not only help save you energy but enhance your life.

AirTouch: 5 Smart Reasons

Easy Air Conditioning Zoning

With AirTouch, you can choose to only run the climate control in the rooms that you’re using, making everyone more comfortable wherever they are in your house faster, and not wasting heating or cooling capacity on rooms that no one is in.

ITC Individual Temperature Control*

AirTouch 4’s optional ITC sensors actively monitor temperatures in every room of your house, so your system will only send conditioned air to where it is needed, not only saving energy but responding to rooms changing temperatures because of the weather or other activities.

It also gives you the chance of setting and monitoring a different temperature for each room.

Remote App Control

Want to make sure that you don’t leave the air conditioner running all day when you aren’t home? With the AirTouch App, you can turn on and off or change the settings on your system from anywhere. Really handy if you get to work and realise you may have left the system on. You can make sure the dog is comfortable or the kids aren’t cranking up the air conditioning when or where they don’t need to be while you are away from home.

With AirTouch and IFTTT, you can take this further by setting up the climate control to turn off automatically when everyone leaves home with geofencing.

Temperature Alerts to your mobile phone*

Monitor and stay informed about temperatures at home with AirTouch 4. Be alerted to temperature changes when you are away from home, and turn on the air conditioning to counter rising temperatures so you can come home to a cool house.

Track Air Conditioning Usage

AirTouch helps you track your air conditioning use by keeping you informed with a runtime tracker, so you can check how long you’ve been using your system for.

5 Unique Smart Energy Management features

With AirTouch, you can save on energy without compromising on comfort.

*AirTouch 4 feature only.