Sleep Well with Sleep Mode on your AC

Enjoy a more comfortable rest, and Save Energy.

The Sleep Mode feature available with AirTouch 5 and AirTouch 2 Plus will help you have a comfortable night sleep during a hot summer and save energy. Sleep Mode with AirTouch is not a standby mode like with other appliances, rather, it is a function that adjusts the temperature set point within a comfort level so your air conditioning is more efficient while you sleep.

Sleep Mode can help reduce your energy used by periodically increasing (in Cool Mode) or decreasing (in Heat Mode) the set point each hour for 3 hours.

How it Works

Sleep Mode will increase (Cool) or decrease (Heat) the set point by 1 degree every hour for 3 hours. The displayed Set Point on the screen will remain at your chosen temperature. After 3 hours, the AC will remain at the adjusted Set Point until Sleep Mode is cancelled.

Setting Up

AirTouch 5

Start by setting the Comfort Temperature. This is your is your maximum and minimum temperature you are OK with your system adjusting to automatically, so it doesn’t get too hot or cold.

  • Enter the Quick Menu
  • Select Smarts
  • Select Sleep & Away
  • Set a temperature you do not want AirTouch to adjust beyond in Cool and Heat Mode when the sleep function is activated.

Sleep Mode can be activated from the Quick Menu or by long pressing the AC Power button when the unit is on. Note that this feature is only shown as available when your AC unit is in Cool or Heat and not in Fan, Dry or Auto Modes.

AirTouch 2 Plus
  • Press and hold the AC On/Off Button.
  • Press Sleep, and the Sleep icon will appear in the top status bar.
  • To Cancel, just press the Sleep button again, or adjust the Mode, Fan Speed or temperature.

Have a great night’s sleep with AirTouch!

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