AirTouch energy wastage alerts setup screen.

How to Setup AirTouch 5 Energy Wastage Alerts

AirTouch 5’s energy wastage alert feature provides real time notifications of sudden temperature changes due to open doors or windows, combining convenience with conservation to optimise climate control and reduce unnecessary energy consumption.

If you have an AirTouch 5, you can choose to get an alert on your phone if the system detects a sudden change in temperature that could cause unnecessary energy wastage. It is easy to setup on the wall console. The software then meticulously monitors your home’s temperature, detecting any abrupt changes that could signal an open door or window while your air conditioning is operational. This is another reason why we are not just about maintaining comfort, but also about combating energy inefficiency.

In moments where a forgotten open window might undermine your system’s efficiency and create a spike in energy usage, AirTouch 5 can now promptly send an alert, empowering you to act swiftly, rectify the issue, and maintain optimal energy consumption.

For this features, you need to have AirTouch 5 with Intelligent Temperature Sensors monitoring the relevant zones.

How to Setup Energy Wastage Alerts on the Console

Activating this savvy feature is a breeze.

  1. Enter the Quick Menu: The Quick Menu is your gateway to the many features of AirTouch 5, access it with the 3 lines icon in the top right of the console screen.
  2. Select ‘Settings’: In the settings, you’ll find a plethora of options to customise your AirTouch 5 system.
  3. Choose ‘Smarts’ and the ‘Alerts’ Sub Option: The Smarts section houses the intelligent features of your AirTouch 5, including the energy wastage detection.
  4. Toggle On for Energy Wastage Alerts: By enabling this option, you’re arming your system to notify you of any abrupt temperature changes caused by open doors or windows.

Enable Notifications on your mobile device

You may also need to allow Notifications for the AirTouch 5 App on your Smart Device.

For iOS:

  1. Go to ‘Settings’ > ‘Notifications’
  2. Find and select the AirTouch 5 app
  3. Toggle on ‘Allow Notifications’

For Android:

  1. Open ‘Settings’ and go to ‘Apps & Notifications’
  2. Select ‘Notifications’ and find the AirTouch 5 app
  3. Ensure the switch for notifications is turned on

A great usage scenario where our wastage alerts feature can be helpful is if someone inadvertently leaves the backdoor open, letting all the heat in on a 40°C day which could cause your air conditioner in cool mode to ramp up to try and combat the sudden rise in temperature.

You may also want to explore Temperature Alerts.

By sending out quick energy wastage alerts, AirTouch 5 empowers you to take immediate action, preserving both the environment and your wallet. In the modern home, where convenience and conservation can go hand in hand, features like this are not just smart, but we believe they are essential. So, set up your AirTouch 5 energy wastage alerts today and step into the future of intelligent climate control.

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