Gateway Details for:
Samsung with Non NASA Protocol
Polyaire Ordering Code:
657217 Non NASA

657217 Non Nasa Gateway for Samsung

(657217) Commissioning Notes

NOTE: This gateway will only work with units which have Non-NASA protocol.

  1. Wire AirTouch 5, gateway and AC indoor as per diagram and leave the dipswitches on the gateway at their default position. Make sure all wires are connected properly.
  2. Initialise the AC Unit with Samsung AC wall controller connected.
  3. If AirTouch 5 sensors are used for AC temperature control:
  • Settings on AirTouch 5 console: Go to Settings>Installer>AC Setup and select the control sensor appropriate Control Sensor.
  • Settings on the Samsung wall controller: Go to Installation/Service Modes by pressing and
    holding ESC and Set buttons together, find Main Menu 1, Submenu 2, and then set Data bit 1 to 1.
  • Restart the AC and gateway first and then power up AirTouch. Or power them up at the same